Covid-19 Does Not Have to Be a Problem

Covid-19 Does Not Have to Be a Problem

Paul Craig Roberts

Here is the presstitute CNN’s report on US Covid-19 cases— .

According to the report, the US has the most cases of all countries and the highest number of deaths.  If this is correct, it says something about our health care system and the quality of leadership at CDC and NIH.  Normally, CNN is very supportive of both.

There are people who, for whatever reason, claim that the pandemic is a hoax and that no one has died, much less the 1,000 daily deaths reported.  It is all a plot of various descriptions.  I wish these people would shut up as they enhance the believability of the
“conspiracy theorist” charge that is used to dismiss truth-tellers.

Another group of skeptics believe the threat is over-stated and that precautions such as masks and social distancing are unnecessary.  They argue that these precautions are dangerous in themselves and are a new form of making us subservient to the state.  

The problem with these skeptics is that by dismissing precautions they elevate the infection rate and, thereby, play into the hands of those who intend mandatory vaccinations and a “health passport.”  

The virus is real, and people of all ages die from it.  It is true that deaths are concentrated in those with health conditions.  These people are concentrated among the elderly who have not lived healthy lives or are genetically predisposed to health conditions.  Why some of the young die and others do not even come down with a bad cold is unknown.

What is known is that Big Pharma and its many shills want the profits from mandatory mass vaccinations.  To achieve this they have discredited the efficacy and safety of HCQ with an antibiotic and zinc.  Doctors who have reported success with this treatment have been viciously attacked, and the treatment is banned in the United States and also perhaps in most of Europe. 

In other words, in the Western world money trumps health.

The purpose of the false, and I would say criminal, attack on HCQ is to leave the path open for mass vaccinations and billions of dollars in profits for Big Pharma, profits that find their way into CDC and NIH.  

If the US had health leadership independent of Big Pharma, it would be easy to control the pandemic.  Those most sickened by the virus have deficiencies of zinc, vitamin C, D3, and NAC.  A correct policy would be to boost the intake of these supplements among everyone, especially the elderly with prior conditions.

As HCQ with zinc is a proven and safe treatment, essentially a cure when given early prior to the virus taking control, the criminal prohibition against this successful and safe treatment imposed by Big Pharma and its shills should be removed.  This would reduce the danger of Covid-19 to no more than an ordinary case of seasonal flu.

This brings us again to masks and social distancing, about which I have accurately informed you in the past.  Those who claim masks don’t work do not define mask or work.  Anyone who would say that a P-100 mask doesn’t work is ignorant beyond all comprehension.  Masks that are engineered to prevent the wearer from inhaling virus and bacteria work.  For public use, the anti-viral mask that is available if you search for it is the N-95 mask. (You might ask why you have to search for something that was formerly available in drug stores.)  The N-95 mask is supposed to prevent the transmission of 95% of viruses.  It is not always that effective, but it is a protective mask against Covid-19.

Surgical masks and ordinary cloth masks do not prevent inhalation of virus.  They work in preventing coughs and sneezing of infected persons from spraying nearby persons, produce, shelves, etc.  But they do not protect the wearer from airborn or aerosol spread Covid-19.  

If you wear a N-95 or higher rated mask, social distancing is not required.  If you don’t have a N-95 mask, 6 feet is not enough.  Indeed, 60 feet might not be enough.

To sum up, those who downplay the virus threat and challenge the precautions play into the hands of Bill Gates and Big Pharma who intend mandatory vaccinations.  The skeptics by dismissing the threat and by denouncing precautions as the threat also prevent the focus from going to boosting immune systems and early treatment of infections with HCQ and zinc.  

A N-95 mask is more difficult to wear for a long time than a surgical or cloth mask, but for a shopping trip to a store it is manageable.  You will not die from using one as some  claim. 

A N-95 mask is in my experience too much for an 8-hour school day or office day. In those circumstances the building ventilation systems need to have air scrubbers that kill the virus. Even this late in the game no steps have been taken in this direction.

We are unable to deal with the Covid-19 threat because (1) Big Pharma wants to turn the threat into a profit opportunity, and (2) conspiracy theorists refuse to acknowledge the reality of the threat.  We have the information and the means to deal with the threat and to go about our business without lockdowns, but the information and means are kept from us.

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