The Russians Did It

The Russians Did It

Paul Craig Roberts

The Obama regime’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, the most unqualified person ever to have had that job, told Wolf Blitzer on CNN that the organized  burning and looting violence of the George Floyd protests “is right out of the Russian playbook” —

Other nutcases are blaming “foreign adversaries” such as China.  Susan is not going to waste a case on “white racism” that can be blamed on Russia.  It wasn’t Antifa that provided the bricks, it was Putin.

As a person outed by the troll website PropOrNot as a “Russian agent,” I am surprised that I haven’t been  blamed.

George W. Bush blames “white racism,” not the Israeli training of US police sponsored by his regime that taught the knee-on-neck technique of restraint–  It was a gross failure of public policy to allow Israelis, who are unconcerned with Palestinian lives, to teach our police techniques that disregard life–

As long as morons shift the blame away from where it belongs to “foreign adversaries” and “white racism,” the problem will continue.

Once again, to understand the problem of police violence, ask yourself if it is “white racism” when police murder and brutalize white people.

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