The Year Before Us

The Year Before Us

Paul Craig Roberts

Dear Friends,  Thank you for the many Christmas and New Year greetings. I am encouraged by the return year after year of readers and donors to the website and to the steady growth of readership. During 2019 this website had 2.5 million unique visitors who made almost 5 million visits.  That number is a fraction of the total readership as my columns are posted on many other websites and individual blogs both in the US and abroad in translation.  According to the Visitors Traffic Pro app, this website is read in 97 countries.

There is a hunger for truth and a rising cost of expressing it.  The New Year will give an indication whether truth is making a comeback or is continuing to lose ground to controlled explanations.  

Democracy cannot function without an honest and indepencent media, and no such media exists anywhere in the Western World. Instead, the Western media functions as an enforcer of the explanations that serve the interest of the ruling elites.  Everyone who challenges the lies— whether they are American, Canadian, Australian, British, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Austrian, Jewish, gentile, black, white, Hispanic, Muslim, or Asian—that rule us is branded a “conspiracy theorist,” a “white supremacist,”  an “uncle Tom,” an “anti-semite,” a “holocaust denier,” a “self-hating Jew,” and a variety of other derogatory labels.

Given the weakness of character of so many present day Western people, the establishment’s name-calling is effective in scaring people away from truth-tellers.  This makes it difficult for truth to spread.

Without truth there is no freedom, no liberty, no accountability of government to the people in the Western democracies.  Indeed, there are no real democracies.  The Western “democracies” are just Potemkin villages.

Restoring what has been lost is the most difficult of all tasks.  The Greeks failed at it.  The Romans failed at it.  It seems too that we are failing at it.  Consider the controlled media’s multi-year campaign against Donald Trump. When Russiagate was exposed as a hoax, the presstitutes did not apologize for misleading the peoples of the world for years.  Instead, the presstitutes launched into impeach-gate.  Allegedly Trump threatened the Ukranian president with withholding of US funds unless the Ukrainian investigation, which was closed down by Vice President Biden, was reopened.  No evidence of this accusation against Trump has been found, and the President of Ukraine denies it.  

However, there is conclusive evidence that VP Biden did what the presstitutes accuse Trump of doing.  Moreover, there is a video available online and posted on this site and many others, of Biden giving the President of Ukraine 6 hours to fire the investigating prosecutor or forfeit $1 billion US dollars.  

What are we to conclude from this?  The effort of the House Democrats and the pressitutes to impeach Trump began with false accusations that Trump propositioned the Ukrainian president to come up with evidence against Biden or forfeit $1 billion US.  No such evidence has been provided by an anti-Trump FBI, CIA, State Department, media, or any other source.  Yet there is conclusive undeniable evidence that Biden is totally guilty of what Trump is accused. Biden brags about it in his own words before the Council on Foreign Relations: Fire the prosecutor investigating the company of which my son is a highly paid director or forfeit $1 billion. Yet Biden is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the US and he is not burdened by having committed the offense for which the House Democrats initially launched their impeachment of the President of the United States.

This contrast shows how extreme the double standards are.  And there is ZERO protest from the Western media.

Trump has to be impeached, because allegedly he did what Biden did, but it is OK for Biden, who actually did what Trump is falsely accused of doing, to replace Trump as President.

It is difficult to see a future for a country in which an accusation of an unproven charge is more serious against one party than the actual commitment of the disqualifying offense by the favored party.

What is very frightening is that the Western media does not mind demonstrating that it has no integrity whatsoever, no regard whatsoever for truth. The serial liers have no shame.  And the presstitutes have no compunction about calling those who do tell the truth names.

During 2019 telling the truth brought me many libelous names.  I see these names as Badges of Honor and I thank my readers for seeing them the same way.  As my  combined readership is now many times that of the New York Times, we are a force to be reckoned with.  

Let’s keep it that way.  Onward in the New Year.

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