The Crazed Unrealistic Democrats Now Comprise the Greatest Threat to US  Unity and to Life on Earth

The Crazed Unrealistic Democrats Now Comprise the Greatest Threat to US  Unity and to Life on Earth

America Divided Against Itself Cannot Survive: Good News for Those Constantly Abused by Washington, such as Iran, Russia, China

Paul Craig Roberts

Earlier today I posted my comments with links to the congressional questioning of Mueller about his report that, despite the evidence, tried to suggest, using NY Times, CNN, and Washington Post articles planted on the willing presstitutes by the military/security complex, that, although there was no evidence, President Trump might have obstructed justice in the absence of a crime. 

Mueller fell apart under Republican questioning.  He was unable to give a substantive answer to any question that raised issues about his biased report.  This was apparent to all. One would have thought that the Russiagate Hoax was over and done with.

Imagine my surprise when I turned on the radio while driving and heard a semi-male and several semi-females on NPR saying that the evidence wasn’t important.  What was important was to impeach Trump.  They and the NPR programmers were completely willing to impeach the president without any evidence.  The thing to do was to impeach Trump.  Period. Evidence?  We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence.

At this point the semi-genders declared that we must all stand together and prevent the dastardly Russians from interfering in Trump’s reelection campaign.  One of the semi-gender somethings asked, accusingly, “why hasn’t Trump refused Russian help in his reelection?!”

Wow!  Mueller’s collapse before questioning in the congressional committee had just established that there is no evidence whatsoever of Russian interference electing Trump. Yet the NPR news service thinks we must be on our guard or the Russians will elect Trump again!  In what sense is NPR connected to reality?  Indeed, are Americans connected to reality or are they locked tightly in The Matrix?

The crazed American liberal/progressive/left are anti-working class. They are  participants in spreading  the disunity fostered by  Identity Politics, which is destroying our country by dividing Americans and making it impossible to hold government accountable. The liberal/progressive/left are above facts in their emotive existence. They refuse to accept any facts and intend to carry on with their myth that Russia, not American voters, determines the outcome of American elections.

Allow me to state this as firmly as I can:  These people are the worst filth that have ever been present on planet earth. They are destroying the unity of the United States, creating hatred among different ethnic groups, and risking nuclear war that would destroy all life on the planet.  

Somehow these great criminals think they are the owner of the moral universe.

If we do not destroy them, they will destroy us.

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