How Real Is White Supremacy?

How Real Is White Supremacy?

Paul Craig Roberts

I don’t share the interest many have in the reported mass shootings. However, there are wider issues associated with the shootings, and I do find these issues interesting. For example, mass shootings are a relatively new occurrence. I believe the first was in 1966 at the University of Texas when a former US Marine who was enrolled as a student shot a number of people from the university’s clock tower. What caused this breakdown in moral behavior? We can’t simply say that the shooter became unhinged or insane. There have always been such people. Had the Marine been on active duty in Vietnam and experienced mass shootings of Vietnamese? Did he decide to bring the horror inflicted by Americans on Vietnamese home to Americans? Did student protests against the Vietnam war in which he was at risk make him feel unappreciated?

I don’t remember if there were answers provided in 1966. I understand people’s frustration with the lack of answers that is often the case in events today. For example, readers ask me, as if I know, why the New Zealand government has criminalized having a copy of the New Zealand shooter’s manifesto. I do not know, but a good guess is that the New Zealand government wants to control the explanation and does not want any competition from the shooter himself.

Remember the 2016 Nice, France, truck attack on Bastille Day when a white delivery van was reported to have run over a large number of people. The only video we had of the truck’s progress was a fuzzy one that showed little taken at a distance from a hotel balcony by the exact same person who provided the only video of an earlier reported terror attack in Germany. That the same person happened to be present with camera ready for back-to-back terrorist events in two different countries struck many as suspicious.

Suspicions mounted when it was reported that Nice city officials had video cameras on every corner, block by block, of the avenue along which the truck progressed, but were prohibited from releasing the videos by the central authorities in Paris who ordered the Nice officials to destroy the only evidence that clearly recorded the event.

Nice authorities resisted this order as it was an order to destroy evidence, which is a felony, but the evidence was never publicly provided. Many who followed the story justifiably concluded that the French government was hiding the evidence in order to control the story. The presstitute media, including the BBC, never expressed any interest in why the actual evidence of what happened was deep-sixed. The presstitutes reported as if the fuzzy video, which in fact showed no one being hit by a truck much less the more than 500 reported killed or injured, proved the official story.

All of these terror events, those that seem to be real and those that seem to be staged, have explanations ready prior to the event. Indeed, the explanation of the event is sometimes provided as the news is reported. This should strike people as suspicious, and it does strike some that way.

Thus, I understand that many wonder why the New Zealand government and the presstitute media are suppressing the shooter’s explanation.

A long succession of poorly reported terror events, together with such blatant and obvious lies told by Washington and its NATO vassals as Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Iranian nukes, Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russiagate, the lies about Gaddafi, Maduro the dictator starving his own people, and so on and on, have destroyed trust in governments and the media. People are accustomed to seeing high government officials of Western countries stand in front of a TV camera and tell the most blatant and obvious lies.

Whatever you decide is the case in the New Zealand shooting, take care not to conflate a protest or a defense of the West, however misguided, with “white supremacy,” as the latter is how the story is spun. If a defense of the West is white supremacy, then a defense of blacks is black supremacy and a defense of Jews is Jewish supremacy. It is, of course, much safer to defend blacks and Jews than white gentiles, which shows that whites certainly have no supremacy.

Consider also whether there is a difference between the New Zealand shooter killing Muslims in a mosque and the US and its vassals including the New Zealand government killing Muslims in mosques, weddings, funerals, schools, hospitals, and play grounds during the past 20 years of indiscriminate bombings that constitute “the war on terror.”

Terror is what the Western governments with scant protest inflict on Muslims. Perhaps the New Zealand shooter thought as everyone else was killing Muslims, he could also.

Another interesting question is whether leftwing and Jewish groups who work overtime to demonize white people, especially heterosexual males, have any responsibility for the New Zealand shooter’s reported attack. Was it an act of frustration by a shooter provoked by the constant demeaning of his race, gender, sexual preference, and culture?

Jewish lobbies have largely succeeded in establishing Jewish Supremacy. In many Western countries it is, or borders on, a hate crime to criticize Jews and Israel. Scholars have even been imprisoned for correcting errors in the Holocaust story. In the US Jewish lobbies have succeeded in having half of the states pass laws denying state government contracts to any business or person who participates or supports in any way boycotts of Israeli goods and services or advocates for disinvestment in Israeli companies. President Trump even cut off US aid to the Palestinians whose country has been stolen by Israel. It is considered anti-semitism to even mention what Israel has done, and is currently doing, to Palestinians. Professors lose their university positions. Journalists get fired. Students are sent to sensitivity training.

This is real supremacy. White gentiles have nothing like it. Yet Jewish lobbies—the very people who constantly complain about hate speech—use hate speech to the full extent as they lead the movement to demonize white gentiles. Here is the latest “media advisory” from the Center for Jewish Civilization at Georgetown University.

M E D I A   A D V I S O R Y
Center for Jewish Civilization
Georgetown University
ICC 305P
37th and O Streets NW
Washington, DC 20057
Contact: Jamie Horwitz, 202-549-4921,
How Do We Deal with a New Ecosystem of Hate and 
Anti-Semitism on the Far Right?
A Growing and Dangerous Extremist Movement in America is Combining Old Nazi Ideas with New Tactics and Social Media
Wed., April 10 Georgetown University-sponsored 
conference at the National Press Club 
brings together top scholars, journalists 
and diplomats to explore 
“Contemporary White Supremacy in America: 
What are its Links to the Nazi Past?”
WASHINGTON — In the United States and across the globe, attacks by violent networks of extremist hate groups against Jews and other minorities have been on the rise.  Building on worldviews from the Nazi era, combined with modern communications and recruitment tactics, white supremacist groups have been gaining new followers. As a result, in the past few years we have witnessed the most deadly anti-Semitic incident in the country’s history at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh in 2018, where 11 were killed; a neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville in 2017 that terrorized an entire city; and the 2015 attack in Charleston, South Carolina by a white supremacist where nine African American churchgoers were killed.
These extremist incidents are connected and cannot be explained away as solitary acts of madmen and bigots. “Extremist groups in America are invoking anti-Semitism and hate through social media and bringing the practices and theories of their Nazi forebears into a new era. Organized hate groups are indoctrinating individuals and cells in a manner similar to terrorist groups,” said Jacques Berlinerblau, Director of the Center for Jewish Civilization at Georgetown University, the conference sponsor.
While efforts are being made by social media companies such as Facebook to shut down hate speech, and civil rights groups have been pushing back against extremists through protests and court action, activity by white supremacists continues to grow. On April 10, The Center for Jewish Civilization at Georgetown University will host a day-long conference, “Contemporary White Supremacy in America: What are its Links to the Nazi Past?” beginning at 9 am at the National Press Club in Washington, 529 14th Street NW, 13th Floor.
The conference brings together top scholars, journalists and diplomats to explore white supremacist movements in this country and how hate groups in the United States draw upon ideas, propaganda, and recruiting techniques from the Nazi era, and how they diverge.
Former CBS Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent and “60 Minutes” contributor Lara Logan will moderate the morning session. Speakers include reformed violent extremist Christian Picciolini; world renowned expert on Nazi tactics and genocide Father Patrick Desbois, who uncovered links between ISIS attacks on the Yazidis and Nazi practices; other moderators including Jessica Roda, an expert on Jewish music and politics who will dialogue with Kirsten Dyck, an expert on White Power and neo-Nazi hate music; and Kristen Clarke, the president of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, who played an instrumental role in Facebook’s decision last month to ban discussion about  “white nationalism” and “separatism” from the social media site.
Some sessions will deal with topics related to women in White Power groups, while others will look at how anti-Semitism has changed between the 1930’s and today’s Alt-Right movement. A complete conference schedule can be found here.
The conference is open to members of the media at no charge. PLEASE RSVP HERE.


Will this meeting be broken up by the “alt-right” “neo-Nazi” equivalent of Antifa? Not a chance. Indeed, in what sense does an alt-right really exist and to what extent is the term a creation of those intent on demonizing white people?

Note that in the Center for Jewish Civilization’s news release, people who went to defend a statue of Robert E. Lee from demolition are described as “neo-Nazis.” Why is it “Nazi” and “white supremacy” to defend a historic statue of a person widely respected in his own time and today even at the US Military Academy at West Point?

The Center for Jewish Civilization’s news release makes it clear that the Jewish group is creating the image of a vast white supremacist plot to terrorize and kill every one else. If any such white supremacist groups do exist, they are isolated and infiltrated by the FBI. Indeed, the FBI may have organized them for purposes of its own.

Are the reckless and irresponsible accusations leveled against white people by the Center for Jewish Civilization intended to produce in reality the bogeyman fantasy in the Jewish lobby’s news release, a fantasy that will grow larger in a conference whose purpose is to further demonize gentiles, Christians, and critics of Israel? Was it demonization of this kind that produced the New Zealand shooter?

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