Identity Politics Has Stopped Scientific Research Into the Genetic Basis of IQ Differences

The Authority of Science Has Been Undermined By Identity politics

Paul Craig Roberts

The quack Soviet “scientist” Trofim Lysenko used politics to destroy Soviet genetics. Lysenko represented the unscientific view that environment, not genetics, was the explanation. In 1948 the Soviet government banned scientific dissent from Lysenko’s theory of environmentally acquired inheritance. Thousands of Soviet scientists were dismissed, imprisoned, and executed.

Under Stalin Lysenko’s quackery became agricultural policy. The result was that Lysenko condemned millions of people to starvation.

Today we are experiencing a repeat of this tragedy as Nobel scientists fall victim to Identity Politics just as Soviet scientists fell victim to Lysenkoism. An ignorant article by a dumbshit New York Times writer is sufficient to destroy the career of Nobel prize-winners. Identity Politics has brought Lysenkoism to American science.

So far it is just dismissals and destroyed careers. When will the executions begin?

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