Is Russia Being Betrayed By Its Own Intelligensia?

Is Russia Being Betrayed By Its Own Intelligensia?

Paul Craig Roberts

The Russian military refused to buy Putin’s excuse for Israel’s intentional murder of 15 Russian Air Force personnel. The Russian military knows precisely what happened and has not been hesitant to make completely clear Israel’s total betrayal of the Russian government’s naive and gullible trust in the criminal state of Israel.

One marvels at the foreign policy incompetence of Putin’s civilian advisers. Apparently there is no Russian awareness that the ONLY REASON for Washington’s fake “war on terror” is to clear out of the Middle East all governments with foreign policies independent of Washington, governments that are in the way of Israel’s expansion. Israel is especially interested to annex southern Lebanon and wants the Hezbollah militia, which Israel has been unable to defeat, out of the way by using Washington to put Syria and Iran into the same chaos as Washington put Iraq and Libya. Once Syria and Iran are in chaos, there is no one left to supply Hezbollah, and Israel can again march into Lebanon.

Does the Russian government not understand that the “terrorists” are Washington’s operatives? Washington pretends that some of these “terrorists” are “democratic rebels” opposing the alleged “Syrian dictatorship.” Washington pretends that others of its mercenaries are “terrorists,” whose presence is Washington’s justification for having US military forces in Syria illegally to “fight terrorism,” an excuse that has evaporated with Washington’s obvious and determined shielding of the remaining al Qaeda, al Nusra, and ISIS forces in Syria. The American neoconservatives, most of whom are Zionists tightly allied with Netanyahu, formulated a doctrine of US world hegemony. This ideological doctrine of “American exceptionalism” serves as a cloak to hide the fact that Washington is serving Israel’s interest in the Middle East.

These completely obvious, transparent facts are apparently over the head of Putin’s civilian advisors.

Nevertheless, the Israeli murder of the Russian airmen has forced Putin to finally honor his contract with Syria and to supply the S-300 air defense system that Syria paid for but Putin, in deference to the criminal state of Israel, refused to deliver. The S-300 will be delivered in 2 weeks, said the Russian Ministry of Defense. This air defense system will, I think, allow Syria to close its air space to Israeli, US, and NATO aggression without Putin having to declare a no fly zone, an obvious solution that Putin has avoided in dererence to “Russia’s American and Israeli partners.”

In my opinion, provocations would have been avoided and lives saved, if the Russian government had established a de facto no-fly zone when Russia first came to Syria’s aid, and if Russia had stuck with the project to defeat Washington’s terrorists without premature withdrawals and ceasefires in the naive hope of obtaining some kind of agreement. How could the Russian government possibly think that any agreement with Washington, Israel, or any of Washington’s EU puppets would mean anything? All these Russian hesitations did was to permit Washington to figure out how to interject itself more firmly into Syrian territory. If Russia had acted more decisively and less hesitantly, the Russian airmen and a large number of other people would still be alive.

Is it conceiveable that the Russian government has not yet learned that an agreement with Washington is a fool’s errand? Washington broke its word and moved NATO to Russia’s border, and all of Europe approved. Washington unilaterally pulled out of the ABM Treaty. Washington and Israel equipped and trained the Georgian military and sent it to kill Russian peacekeepers and attack South Ossetia and then blamed Russia for “aggression.” Washington worked against the success of the Sochi Olympics and used the occasion to spring on an unsuspecting Russian government a neo-nazi coup in Ukraine with the intention of evicting Russia from its Black Sea naval base. When Crimea voted 97% to rejoin Russia, Washington and its EU puppets falsely alleged that “Russia invaded Ukraine.” When the Ukrainian government installed by Victoria Nuland shot down a Malaysian airliner, as soon as the airliner hit the ground, the blame was put on Russia, where it still lies. Washington unilaterally pulled out of the Iran nuclear agreement. This list just scratches the surface of Washington’s betrayals of Russia..

And the Russian government thinks that an agreement with Washington is meaningful?!

The only meaningful agreement the Russian government can make with Washington is to sign away Russian sovereignty and accept Russian status as a vassal of Washington. How many black eyes does the Russian government need to receive before it can comprehend this basic and unalterable reality?

Even the belated, long overdue, step that the Russian government has taken to provide Syria with air defense in order to protect the Syrian/Russian gains in liberating Syria from Washington’s terrorists is too much for Russian “experts,” such as Nikolay Surkov, a senior researcher at the Moscow-based International Institute for World Economy and International Relations. Surkov assured RT that “Russia and Israel are partners, and neither side wishes to endanger this partnership.” So, why does the utter fool Surkov think Israel had the Russian airplane and its crew destroyed? Is he an Israeli voice that accepts the false Israeli explanation?

How can Surkov be considered an “expert” when he is so totally ignorant. Israel and Russia have no common interest whatsoever. Israel’s interest in the Middle East is chaos so that there are no organized states in the way of Israeli expansion. Russia’s interest is to have stable governments with independent foreign policies that prevent Washington and Israel from siccing the terrorists on the Russian Federation. If the Russian government does not understand this, it desperately needs a new intelligence agency. But not one headed by Surkov.

As far as I can tell, neither the Russian government nor the Russian people understand that Washington, Israel, and their NATO vassals are Russia’s enemies, not Russia’s “partners.” There is no doubt whatsoever that Washington and Israel are intent on Russia’s destruction. Yet, Russia has “experts,” such as Surkov, who believe, or pretend to believe, that “Russia and Israel are partners.”

If this is the level of intelligence in Moscow, Russia and the rest of us are doomed.

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