Dissent Is No Longer Permissible In The West

Dissent Is No Longer Permissible In The West
Will Russia Notice?

Paul Craig Roberts

Update: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2018/09/21/europe-descends-into-tyranny/

A French Court Has Ordered A Psychiatric Exam Of Opposition Leader Marine Le Pen.

So Much for Western “democracy.” Nothing is less wecomed in the West than democracy.

It has long been understood in Europe that the resurrection of French President Charles de Gaulle’s French nationalism under Marine Le Pen was unacceptable to Washington. De Gaulle was not Washington-compliant, and Washington does not want another non-compliant French nationalist.

Marine Le Pen, a French patriot, seems destined for the fate of Joan of Arc. The French establishment has been after Le Pen for a long time. She has already had her parliamentary immunity stripped for a tweet and faces three years in prison if convicted by her enemies for a simple free speech statement in defense of French sovereighty. Now she is in trouble for posting on Twitter images of Daesh executing people.

The electorally threatened French establishment can produce any result it wishes from the ordered psychiatric exam of Le Pen. On the basis of a purely contrived “evaluation,” Le Pen can be got rid of by being imprisoned in a psychiatric facility. https://sputniknews.com/europe/201809201068194429-marine-le-pen-court-psychiatric-expertise/

A revival in European sovereignty is what Putin is relying on to break Europe away from Washington’s control. It is a naive belief that Russia can win Europe away with a policy of nonconfrontation and acceptance of insults and provocations. The EU itself prevents the rise of European sovereignty. Washington has suppressed European sovereignty and submerged the European countries in the EU where the idea of a sovereign country no longer exists. In France Le Pen’s belief that the French deserve their own country is considered to be a sign of insanity.

The French, like other Europeans, are being brainwashed to identify free speech with racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate crimes against immigrants.

Washington is never going to let loose of Europe or its UK vassals. Nor will Washington ever accept an independent Russian state, only a vassal like Russia under Yeltsin. Nothing else to be said. America is the exceptional, indispensable country. No other country counts. Least of all Russia.

Throughout Europe patriots are dismissed as racists. The epithat defines patriots as people to be hated for being in the way of open borders that produce immigration flows that eliminate ethnic nationalities, such as French, German, Italian, British.

Europe is being dissolved into “multiculturalism,” a diversity that has no common basis. Jean Raspail described this process in The Camp of the Saints.

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