The Escalating Persecution of Truth Tellers

The Escalating Persecution of Truth Tellers

Paul Craig Roberts

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I have in a number of articles explained the fate of truth tellers.  They live a high risk, low reward life. Chris Hedges explains in his article below what is happening to Matt Taibbi, formerly Rolling Stone magazine’s top attraction.  Taibbi, is a leftwinger who told the truth and was punished for doing so.  Today he is being persecuted by the IRS for reporting the Twitter files released by Elon Musk which show that the FBI pressured Twitter to censor truth tellers on every subject.

The suppression of truth is occurring everywhere in the Western “democratic” world.  Julian Assange has been in prison for a decade without due process of law simply because he reported leaked documents that revealed US war crimes and US deception of its allies.

Fox News  removed Tucker Carlson from his large audience but instead of firing him kept him under contract, paying him $20 million yearly in order to silence him.

I could go on with example after example.

Keep in mind that liberty is a modern creation dating from the Glorious Revolution in England which established the principle that the King and his government were accountable to law and the people.

The enforcement of government accountability requires free speech, so America’s Founding Fathers made free speech the First Amendment to the US Constitution which defines how we are to be governed.

Without free speech there is no justice and no liberty.  The Biden Regime is being successful in  stamping out free speech.  The media doesn’t notice. The universities don’t notice.  The law schools and bar associations don’t notice, the courts don’t notice.  Indeed, free speech, a Constitutionally protected right, is being actively suppressed as “harmful,” “offensive,” “misinformation.”

The Democrat Party, the law schools, the media, the universities and public school boards are determined to revolutionize American society.  They are achieving their goal by redefining truth as what serves their agenda.  In other words, a blatant lie can be true if it serves an elite purpose.  Expression of the real truth undermines their agenda and is demonized as “misinformation,” “Russian interference,” “domestic terrorism,” “white supremacy,” and is on the verge of being designated as a crime, as many are experiencing, including medical doctors who saved lives with Ivermectin and HCQ for the reward of having their medical licenses pulled for exposing Fauci and Big Pharma’s lie that there was no cure for Covid.

When a country’s institutions become as corrupted, as hostile to truth, as America’s–and indeed the entirety of the Western World’s–the civilization is lost.

I don’t think that I can save Western Civilization, which has already been destroyed.  But I can make readers aware that the sky is about to fall on them. If they can escape insouciance, they can be prepared.


The Escalating Persecution of Truth Tellers

Chris Hedges explains what is happening to Matt Taibbi for publishing an analysis of the Twitter Files given to him by Elon Musk.

The cost of telling the truth is rapidly rising, and the rewards have disappeared. If the Democrats are “reelected,” truth will be criminalized. 

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