The Death of Western Civilization

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The Death of Western Civilization

And the Resurrection of Sodom and Gomorrah

Paul Craig Roberts

Alex Jones is demonized for giving us information that otherwise is withheld from us.  Here are white Dutch policemen suppressing with violence the peaceful protests of the white Dutch farmers who feed them.  The white Dutch farmers are facing confiscation of their farms on the fabricated grounds that their cows contribute to global emissions that allegedly are causing global warming.  In other words, if you drink milk, you are destroying the earth. 

For who are the Dutch police acting?  It turns out that the Dutch policemen are acting against the Dutch farmers who feed them for the sole benefit of the propaganda of the Fascist World Economic Forum, financed by Bill Gats, George Soros and the rest of the rich who are alienated from Western civilization, infused as it is with Christianity that values human life and the human soul. Over the decades the WEF has taught Western governments and large corporations, those with political power, that freedom comes from terminating private property.  The WEA’s motto is: “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.” By owning nothing, the WEA means your own soul as well.

The question is why do the Dutch Farmers and the rest of the heavily oppressed Western World’s populations, whether the oppression is from Covid mandates, speech restrictions, property confiscations, job loss, or school indoctrination of white children against parents and their race, bother with peaceful protests when the state has made it completely clear that the state has no concern whatsoever with public opinion.  The Dutch farmers are suffering the same fate as the truckers in Canada and Trump supporters in America.

Everywhere in the Western World governments act as if they are unaccountable to those they rule.  If you demand accountability from government, it is you, not government, who is the Fascist and “the threat to democracy.” Parents demanding accountability from school boards are thrown out of the meetings. 

When the protection of the First Amendment to the US Constitution–free speech–can be denied to the President of the United States while he is in office by media, who dares to speak freely?

The West is dead.  It was destroyed by liberals who infused the West with self-doubt.  Oppressed Western peoples, such as the Dutch farmers, are so oppressed that violent resistance never occurs to them.  All peaceful protests achieve is to identify dissidents to the government, as in Canada where the truckers’ protest identified leaders for the Fascist Trudeau to arrest.  

In the Western World liberty is lost.  Only the removal of the ruling elite could restore it.  But the demonized people lack the confidence to save themselves.  

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