The Costs of a Stolen Election Mount

The Costs of a Stolen Election Mount

Paul Craig Roberts

The Consequences are now upon us of a dumbshit American public and a cowardly Republican Party allowing corrupt Democrats and presstitutes to steal a Presidential Election

When Trump left office, the annual inflation rate was 1.4%.   Now, it is 9.1%   That is 6.5 times higher and it is getting worse every day. 

Unlike the old Democrat Party that represented the working class, the new “woke,” anti-American, anti-white Democrat Party has a divisive agenda at local, state, and federal levels. Democrat jurisdictions are debt-ridden, high crime areas where public schools are weaponized against the white population. At all levels, Democrat “rule” is anathema to unity, decency, civility, morality, and sanity. Democrats have become vehemently anti-white and they are also science-deniers, preferring transgender ideology to fact and death shot jabs that swell Big Pharma’s profits at the expense of the public’s health.

To save the nation, the Democrat party must be excised as it is America’s and the world’s most deadly enemy.  The Democrats are driving the country to war with Russia  as our country sinks into  degeneracy and ruin.

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