What Is a Woman?

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What Is a Woman?

Paul Craig Roberts

Matt Walsh has been trying to get transgender gurus to tell him what a woman is. https://www.bitchute.com/video/990hTcdTgeW8/
Watching this video will be among the best 1 hour and 34 minutes you ever spent.

The only answer he gets is “a woman is a person who claims to be a woman, a person who self-identifies as a woman.” Ok, Walsh says, but what is a woman that the person claims to be? Repeating the unanswered question gets him labeled “transgenderphobic.” But what is that? And why is it phobic to ask what is a woman?

The answer is that transgender is a hoax and the gurus know it. That’s why they cannot say what a woman is.

According to the transgender gurus, there is sex and gender. Sex is biological, determined by your chromosomes, but gender is a social construct, they say. A person with a vagina, womb, ovaries, mammory glands, and capable of giving birth is defined by chromosomes as a woman. But that is not definitive. Gender, a social construct, has a say. The biological woman is not a woman unless she declares herself to be a women. If she declares herself to be a man, her declaration over-rules her chromosomes, and she is a man.

Confronted with this, Walsh asks the transgender gurus if it isn’t a fact that people sometimes make false statements. The gurus, or some of them, admit that people do sometimes tell lies. Walsh asks them if persons can also declare their race. Suppose I tell you I am black, would you believe me, he asks. His question is evaded. A female philosopher at Rhodes College in Memphis, Rebecca Tubel, actually raised the question in a scholarly journal, and she suffered intemperate attacks as did the journal Hypatia. The editors apologized for the “pain” the article caused those claiming to be transgendered, but were fired anyway. No one explained why the prospect of a transrace person is hurtful to a trangendered person or why the transgendered opposition to transrace isn’t transracephobic. For that matter, no one has explained why women confronted with males in their bathrooms claiming to be women have no right to be offended and are dismissed as transgenderphobic.

If it is OK for a man to be so confused that he thinks he is a woman, why can’t a person be transspecies and think he is a horse or a chimpanzee or a Martian?

Trans means on or to the other side, across, such as transatlantic, or beyond. So transgender is beyond gender or to the other side of gender. Transrace is beyond race or to the other side of race. Transspecies means beyond species. In other words, transgender is a made up word, just as it is a made up condition, that makes no sense. What is the other side of gender? How does one go beyond gender? How is it that biological reality can be over-ruled by a person identifying as something that they are not?

It is nevertheless happening. It is now a university subject and soon will be a course of study leading to a degree. Transgender advocates are turning it into the latest fad, putting the idea into people’s heads that it is a cool thing to do. We have reached the point in our decadent decline when we can no longer differentiate a man from a woman.

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