Breaking News–Fighter Jets to Ukraine


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Breaking News–Fighter Jets to Ukraine

Poland Has Made Available All Its MiG-29 Jets For US To Transfer To Ukraine

Paul Craig Roberts

Hopefully, this report is fake news.  If not, as I have emphasized from the beginning, Putin’s go-slow way of fighting a war leaves plenty of time for others to widen the war. The war Putin put on hold has given Washington time to change the mind of the Polish president with bribes and threats.  Will Putin’s credibility now require him to strike Poland, and Germany, including the Rammstein air base where the Polish MiGs are to be transferred, and the United States as the Polish MiGs are being transferred to Ukraine via Washington’s auspices?  Putin said that those who involve themselves in the Russian operation in Ukraine will be treated as belligerents to the conflict. If Putin does nothing, Russia’s threats lose all credibility, and Washington’s provocations will go upscale.

What airfields would the Polish MiGs operate out of?  How long would those airfields remain operative?  Are these aircraft, fearsome in their day, too out of date to be effective against modern Russian fighters and air control systems?  Would they only be coffins for pilots?

In war speed is of the essence, and here Putin has totally failed.  The Kremlin diddled and daddled, giving Washington plenty of time to create mischief and widen the war, while staying on the sidelines.  Initially, it was Russia vs. Ukraine.  Now it is Russia vs. Ukraine, Poland, and Germany.

Russia, sheathing its sword, or never really drawing it, retreats into more fruitless negotiations.  This creates the appearance of a country afraid to use force and thus emboldens NATO.

Zelensky will again deceive the easily deceived Russians promising negotiations that never produce a result except delay for Western psyops to further blacken Russia while presenting Putin’s invasion as “stalled,” thereby undermining the credibility of the Russian military.

Thank God the Russians are almost as incompetent as we are, or they would surely bury us.  Can you imagine our fate if, instead of a WEF globalist, there was a Napoleon, a Julius Caesar, an Alexander the Great in the Kremlin? Or even a Stonewall Jackson and a Robert E. Lee? What kind of contest would it be?  Biden, Stoltenberg, Boris Johnson vs. Julius Caesar. I know where my bet would be placed.

Poland Has Made Available All Its MiG-29 Jets For US To Transfer To Ukraine

In the latest major development in what’s become a  mounted effort by individual NATO member states to assist Ukraine’s military, Poland has announced it is ready to transfer all of its Russian-made MIG-29 jets to the Rammstein Air Base in Germany.

A statement posted Tuesday to its Ministry of Foreign Affairs website indicated the jets will be placed “at the disposal of the Government of the United States of America” which in turn is expected to send them to Ukraine, after President Zelesnky has issued a series of urgent appeals for fighter planes.

Dear President Putin:  In war, delay is deadly. You are defeating Russia and the hope for avoiding nuclear war with your delays. 

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