Newsletter Notice of New Postings


A reader suggested a reason some readers have found themselves unsubscribed from the newsletter is that they forward the notice with the URL of my column without removing the “Unsubscribe” information at the end. Thus, recipients of the Forwarded emails may be clicking on that Link, thinking that will get the sender to stop Forwarding them, or perhaps as an act of malice so the sender is removed from your email list.

Newsletter Notice of New Postings

Dear Readers,

The newsletter is a service that the website uses to alert readers who subscribe to the free newsletter of new postings to the website. I have heard from some of you that you have ceased to receive the newsletter, and readers have requested that I put them back on the list.

First, only you can put yourself on the list, and only you are supposed to be able to take yourself off the list. You can put yourself back on the list by signing up again. The open question is: who is taking readers off the list.

At the bottom of each notice you have the option to unsubscribe or to change subscriber options. If you find yourself unsubscribed and are not yourself responsible for unsubscribing, either the service, AWeber, has a problem, or some hostile-to-the-site third party is unsubscribing you.

I read a report that the destruction of net neutrality is part of the oligarchy’s effort to extend their control over explanations to the Internet. Apparently, one aspect of control is the speed with which websites will be permitted to open. Approved sites will open quickly, but disapproved sites will open slowly, thus discouraging readership. One of the criteria for determining approved vs. disapproved websites is the number of subscribers. According to the report I read, the search engines participating in the censorship have settled on 10,000 subscribers as one demarcation point in approved vs. disapproved.

This website has readers in the hundreds of thousands, few of whom contribute to the website’s support. Moreover, my columns are reposted on numerous other sites both in English and in foreign translations. This website’s readership is worldwide and the readership is in the millions.

Whereas this website itself does not have subscribers, only the newsletter, one explanation for those of you who have been dropped as subscribers to the newsletter is that you are being dropped by a third party who perhaps is responsible for the decline in newsletter subscribers from 11,700 to 9,800.

Not knowing how any of this works, I can’t say my speculations have any merit. What I suggest is this: As this website’s readership is many times the 10,000 number, either another 10,000 readers sign up for the free newsletter and renew your signups if dropped, or I close down the newsletter.

The newsletter is expensive. However, a large subscriber list could be a protection. Alternatively, not having a subscriber list could be a protection.

I am pleased to hear from any of you who might have a grasp on the situation.

Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, has stated publicly that Google “will ‘engineer’ algorithms that will make it harder for articles from Sputnik News and RT to appear on the Google News service.”

RT, although it has had its fangs pulled by Washington’s threats against this outstanding news service, and Sputnik are excellent news services. They do a better job of reporting what is really going on than Western news services that control explanations for the ruling oligarchy. If the multi-billionaire Eric Schmidt is willing to submit to Washington and to make RT and Sputnik invisible, the First Amendment of the US Constitution has been repealed.

Fortunately, finally the Russians and Chinese have created their own search engines. When Google closes down truth in America, you can go to China and Russia for truthful information. This website is a permitted website in China and Russia. There is less censorship in China and Russia than in the USA, which is amazing in terms of Washington’s propaganda.

Just as Washington’s misused power is collapsing, so will Google’s. One day Google’s stock will be worth nothing, beause Google is allying with lies against truth.

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