Finally, A Goon Thug Murderer Is Charged

Finally, A Goon Thug Murderer Is Charged–But Only Because The Murder Was
Captured On Video By A Witness

When the goon thugs gratuitously murder American citizens, which happens more than 3 times each day, the goon thugs always say they felt a threat to their life. The goon thugs have even got away with this when the “threats” are children and 95-year olds with walkers.

But not this time. The “threatening” suspect was shot 8 times in the back while running away from the abusive goon thug.

In 99 percent of the killings, there is no threat whatsoever to the heavily armed goon thugs. The only conclusion is that the lack of police accountability has resulted in psychopathic killers who enjoy taking human life joining the police forces. The best method of lowering the US murder rate is to disarm the police.

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