The Grand Manipulation — Paul Craig Roberts

The Grand Manipulation

Paul Craig Roberts

Gerald Celente, editor of the Trends Journal, a subscription-based publication for which I write, has permitted King World News to republish my most recent article from the Trends Journal. This makes the article available to you from a free site. In place of me writing yet another expose of the non-existent jobs reported today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, read my article, The Grand Manipulation:

The government’s economic reporting has no credibility. In the face of depressed Christmas sales and the closure of retail chains such as Radio Shack, do you think retailers rushed out in January to hire 45,900 new retail employees?

In the face of declining restaurant traffic, do you think 34,600 new waitresses and bartenders were hired in January?

Read my sometime coauthor Dave Kranzler’s take on today’s payroll jobs report:

If the government will not even tell us the truth about jobs and inflation, how can we believe the government when it tells us, without supplying any evidence, that Russian tank columns have entered Ukraine? Americans need to come to terms with the fact that they live in The Matrix, a world composed of fake information designed to control thought and behavior.

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