The Kremlin Is Coming Around to My Point of View

The Kremlin Is Coming Around to My Point of View

Paul Craig Roberts

The Kremlin’s go slow limited operation has provided the time Washington needed to widen the war. President Putin said this month at the 10th Moscow Conference on International Security that “The situation in Ukraine shows that the United States is attempting to draw out this conflict.”

Russia’s deputy foreign minister said the limited operation has widened to the point that Washington is on the verge of directly joining the Ukrainian conflict.

In actual fact, Washington is already an active participant. Washington is providing Ukraine with long range weapons and targeting assistance that can be used to attack Crimea. Consequently, the war is now widening into Russia herself. Under Washington’s tutelage Ukraine is now attacking Russian territory. This makes the Kremlin look weak and unable to defend its own territory. How long can Russia tolerate this before the Kremlin realizes that its limited objective was a pipe dream and that the Kremlin has no alternative to taking out Kiev and the Zelensky puppet government and closing down Ukraine?

On what authority, if any, has the US become a participant in the conflict? Are the billions of dollars of weapons systems sent to Ukraine, along with US advisors on their operation and targeting information, approved by Congress, or is Congress again pretending that Washington is not involved? Are the billions of dollars worth of weapons systems legislated by Congress? Are the weapons systems gifts? Loans? Is Washington giving Ukraine the money with which to pay for the weapons?

The NATO countries, having denuded themselves of weapons, are set up to enrich the US military/security complex by purchasing replacements. Those making profits from the conflict are delighted with the Kremlin’s go slow policy.

Russia has had a brilliant tactical victory in Donbass, but the goody two shoes nature of the intervention was a strategic blunder. Washington needs to involve the world in chaos in order to survive its own problems, and the Kremlin has provided Washington with the opportunity.

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