Of all the countries on earth America has the lowest chance of survival

Of all the countries on earth America has the lowest chance of survival

Paul Craig Roberts

Did no one see this: Unsealed Court Documents Reveal FBI Was Given Permission to Use Deadly Force in Mar-a-Lago Raid https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2024/05/22/unsealed-court-documents-reveal-fbi-was-given-permission-to-use-deadly-force-in-mar-a-lago-raid/

Not a single response from a single reader.

No outrage in the American population that the Democrats set up the possible assassination of the Republican presidential candidate?

The documents showing the approval by the Department of “Justice”–what a joke–of the FBI using deadly force on the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home were released by a federal judge.

As of 5pm eastern time May 22 not a word on CNN. It is a non-media event.

The Ruling Elite don’t even need an Orwellian memory hole. As nothing contrary to the official narratives is ever reported, there is nothing to throw into the memory hole.

In US politics today there is no discussion of any issues. Hatred alone determines votes.

Hatred is an entirely destructive force. It is not only white Americans who will be destroyed by hatred. The entire country will be.

There are American politicians, intellectuals, media, and Justice (sic) Department officials who hate Trump and who believe that hated figures deserve death. Demonize and destroy is the path we are traveling.

The United States of America is locked on the path to destruction. If we don’t destroy ourselves, we will provoke the Russians and Chinese until they destroy us.

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