The American People Are an Unrepresented Majority

The American People Are an Unrepresented Majority

Paul Craig Roberts

During my life what I have observed is that Republicans define patriotism largely in terms of opposition to foreign enemies. This was most pronounced during the long Cold War with the Soviet Union. It is certainly true that we need to be on our guard against foreign enemies, but we must not be so much on guard that we create enemies where they don’t exist or refuse to defuse tensions and replace hostile relationships with cooperative ones as President John F. Kennedy said he intended to do before he was assassinated and as President Trump intended to do before he was prevented by Russiagate allegations.

Republican and conservative focus on foreign enemies risks their blindness to the Constitution’s many enemies at home, including the enemies of freedom in the executive branch, Congress, media, university faculties, and the judiciary who regard the US Constitution as a racist document that serves white supremacy and must be overthrown. This is the explicit position of the New York Times and many law schools, as well as the position of the Democrat Party and many federal judges appointed during Democrat regimes.

The reason democracy has failed in the United States is that those who provide large campaign donations are permitted to purchase the government. Among those who purchase our government, two are extremely influential: the military/security complex and the Israel Lobby. I still remember the day when Senator Strom Thurmond, the longest serving US Senator, on the floor of the US Senate tapped me, a Senate staffer, on the shoulder and told me, “son don’t ever let your Senator vote against a military bill or he won’t be here next term and you will be out of a job.”

It wasn’t long afterwards that I learned that voting against any bill favored by Israel was also a termination of service vote.

We see the proof of this again today. Biden threatened for public relations effect only to withhold US weapons supply to Israel if Israel continues its barbaric attacks on the civilian population of Gaza. Instantly, Republicans called for the impeachment of Biden.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton accused Biden of surrendering to “pro-Hamas agitators” and halting the flow of US weapons Israel needs to exterminate the Palestinians. To be clear, a “pro-Hamas agitator,” is a person with a moral conscience who objects to the genocide of Palestine and its people by the Zionist Israeli state in the hands of the indicted criminal Netanyahu who has minority support even within Israel.

House Republican Cory Mills is drafting an impeachment against Biden, not for actually withholding arms form Israel, but for threatening to withhold them if Israel continues to use them to slaughter women and children and to drive Palestinians out of Palestine.

Kash Patel, a Republican who is constantly appealing to us for support, damns Biden for threatening to cease supporting Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people.

Another Republican, Rep. Jim Banks, jumped in accusing Biden of giving in to genocide protesters on university campuses.

We are confronted with an extraordinary situation. Democrats, who believe white America needs to be replaced, have more sympathy for Palestinians than do Republicans, who are determined to protect Israel but not white Americans who have been relegated to second class citizenship. See

It is extraordinary that Israel can easily use the US Government to protect its genocide of Palestine, but white American citizens cannot use their own government to protect them from being replaced by immigrant-invaders.

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