I Was Invited to a Lottery to Win a Meeting with Julia Roberts, George Clooney, and Joe Biden

I Was Invited to a Lottery to Win a Meeting with Julia Roberts, George Clooney, and Joe Biden

Paul Craig Roberts

The movie actress Julia Roberts has sent me an email saying that if I send a donation to the Biden campaign I will be included in a lottery to be the one donor chosen to meet her, George Clooney and Biden. “We can’t wait to meet you,” she concludes.

I am amusing myself imaging Biden’s response to meeting me as the chosen donor. If Biden doesn’t know who I am, one of his aides is certain to whisper into his ear. Or would the aide? Biden would want to know “how did this guy get in here?”

Indeed, I wouldn’t get pass the front door. Demonized by PropOrNot as a “Russian agent/dupe,” and put on a new “enemies list” by “Data Journalism Agency” funded by Washington for my non-support of Western intervention in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as I believe it is leading to nuclear war, the Secret Service would stop me at the entrance, and away I would go in handcuffs as an assassin planted by Putin to do in Biden.

The “come hither” from the actress got me to wondering why anyone wants to meet her, Clooney and Biden. I have never understood people’s adoration of actors and actresses or any celebrity. As for Biden, who would want to shake hands with a mass murderer, a person who has refused to defend America’s borders, a person who provokes Russia into war?

It wasn’t that long ago that many people viewed actors and actresses in a negative light, not just because of their loose sexual morality, but more fundamentally because they portrayed themselves in roles that weren’t them. They were people pretending to be someone else. This was seen as a lack of integrity, of character. Actors and actresses were chameleons and characterless.

Today we discuss how well this actress or that actor played being someone else. But what we admire today was once seen as the normalization of falseness.

Of course today we cannot conceive of this way of thinking. which is an indication that standards have changed.

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