European Establishment Repudiated in EU Parliamentary Elections

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European Establishment Repudiated in EU Parliamentary Elections

Paul Craig Roberts

European voters in the European Union parliamentary elections repudiated the governments of Washington’s puppet states. Marine Le Pen’s “right-wing” party received twice as many votes as President Macron’s party. The two “right-wing” German parties both bested Chancellor Scholz’s party. The Italian elections gave the vote to prime Minister Meloni’s “right-wing” party. In Belgian, the two “right wing” parties each received almost three times the vote that the Belgian prime minister’s party received. The French president was forced to call for national elections, and the Belgian prime minister resigned.

“Right-wing” has become a term for demonization. It implies fascist or Nazi. Even Russia’s RT describes the parties that represent ethnic sovereignty as “right-wing,” which shows the ruling establishment’s success in demonizing political leaders who are nationalists rather than open borders “welcome the world” globalists. Putin is a nationalist leader who stresses Russian sovereignty. Would RT call Putin “right-wing?”

Marine Le Pen has three times campaigned for the French presidency, but French voters intimidated by the “right-wing” label have failed to elect her. Europeans have been trained to fear the “right-wing” more than their anti-nationalist leaders who are over-running Europe with immigrant-invaders.

We will see in the next national elections whether the support for nationalist parties carries over or whether the EU vote was just a protest vote. Hopefully Europeans have finally realized that they are being driven into war with Russia by leaders who are Washington’s puppets. That the corrupt political establishment fears loss of control is the reason for the media campaign to instill fear of Russia.

It remains to be seen if European peoples have enough intelligence to survive as ethnic-based sovereign states or whether they will become a Tower of Babel driven into war with Russia.

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