Putin Still Does Not Understand

Putin Still Does Not Understand

Paul Craig Roberts

At the St. Petersburg conference Putin was asked if it behoved Russia to get the war in Ukraine over with before the West got more involved. Putin’s answer (below) indicates that he still has no clue that the war is widening into more casualties–now Russian civilians inside mother Russia.

“Regarding speed, regarding results. You said that I have a great responsibility. Yes indeed. Is it possible to increase the speed of solving the problems we face? It is possible, but it is directly proportional to the losses. And understanding my responsibility, I nevertheless proceed from what the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense propose. Speed is important, but even more important is caring for the lives and health of our guys who are fighting at the front. Therefore, combat work is underway, but since the beginning of this year, 47 settlements have been liberated, 880, in my opinion, square kilometers. We are gradually pushing the enemy out of the territory of Donbass and other adjacent territories. The General Staff and the Ministry of Defense have plans for the implementation and achievement of all our goals, and we are acting according to these plans. I am sure that all these plans will be implemented.”

Putin still does not comprehend that “saving lives” is actually going to lose many more lives by allowing the war to be widened into a general conflict.

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