Western Civilization Is Being Destroyed by Self-hating Whites

Western Civilization Is Being Destroyed by Self-hating Whites

Paul Craig Roberts

Dear readers, I recommend that you watch the video about how white people are intentionally framed by black agitators and other white people for hate crimes that never happened. If you don’t care to watch the documentary, at least read the short article about how the life of University of Virginia student Morgan Bettinger was ruined by a lie. https://dailycaller.com/2024/05/20/morgan-bettinger-hate-crime-hoax-daily-caller-doc/?utm_source=piano&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=38931&pnespid=sLlgDi5OJLlEy6PO_mW2GIyL4RK3DstodfXt2_o4oxRmi04D_oT3V7ap5Kun6n61q3uH1CBxkQ

My comments on the event go beyond Gage Klipper’s rendition of the story. It is much more than Morgan Bettinger’s story. It is a story of what white people have done to themselves.

Critical race theory, which finds racism in everything white–works of art, literature, language, math, science, history–has its origins in the Jewish Frankfort School of Cultural Marxism. It is now an obligatory part of the American professoriate’s world view. Even if you don’t believe it, you have to profess it, or you are done for. To deny that white people are racist is considered proof that you are a racist.

When a Black Female Lives Matter agitator accused Morgan Bettinger of saying something she never said, which witnesses confirmed she never said, no white person came to her defense. Not the white University of Virginia students, the white professors and university president and administrators, and not the white media. All the whites jumped on denouncing the racist Morgan Bettinger. Even when she got cleared, the charge was replaced by another. She was found to be “insensitive” to the hurt that the charge against her represented. In other words, she was supposed to apologize and ask forgiveness for something she did not do. Her failure to grovel was insensitive. So she was sentenced to community service, re-education sessions, and conditionally expelled if she failed to complete her sentence.

It sounds absurd, but this is the position of White People today throughout the Western World.

European women who complain of being raped by open borders immigrant-invaders risk being presented as making “racist accusations” and committing a “hate crime.” A European man who goes to the defense of a women being raped risks being charged with “the use of violence against a protected category.” Whites have lost the ability to protect themselves against immigrant-invaders and people of color.

Remember the case in St. Louis, Missouri, when Antifa & Black Lives Matter marched through the closed gates of a white community threatening mayhem. One white couple stood in front of their home with guns warning the trespassers not to damage their property. None of the trespassers were arrested, but the white couple who defended their property was arrested by a white Democrat and were coerced into a plea bargain.

This is what it means to be a white person in America today. Even President Donald Trump can be indicted on trumped-up charges by illiterate black quota hires put in power by gentile-hating billionaire George Soros’ money.

Most black Americans are not part of this extraordinary unprecedented assault on white Americans. The assault comes from white Woke intellectuals and cultural Marxists and from a few blacks singled out for privilege in university admission, employment, and hiring. It is brainwashed whites and a small privileged class of blacks who are assaulting the large white majority, and the white majority has submitted to the assault.

As I recently reported, thanks to indoctrinated white executives in companies with 100 or more employees, 94% of the new jobs went to blacks who comprise 12.6% of the US population. Whites who are 59.3% of the population got 6% of the jobs. Blacks are also favored in promotions. Soon blacks, a small percent of the population, will have as many top jobs as the majority whites. Indeed, this is the announced policy of the black Secretary of Defense who has put all white military promotions on hold because “there are too many white officers.”

How long before we hear, or have we already, that there are too many white people?

White majorities in the United States and indeed the entirety of the Western World, having accepted their demonization, have enabled their conquest and reduction to second class citizenship. Indeed, Joe Biden and various European political leaders have welcomed the transfer of moral authority from the native ethnicities to the immigrant-invaders. Biden said that it is a good thing that white Americans are being replaced.

A US federal judge has just ruled that a Florida state law that prevents non-US citizens from engaging in voter registration drives discriminates against non-citizens. If the judge’s ruling stands, immigrant-invaders are now protected identically with citizens by the US Constitution. In other words, the meaning of citizenship has been destroyed. Immigrant-invaders have the same rights as citizens. https://hotair.com/david-strom/2024/05/20/judge-rules-that-noncitizens-cant-be-discriminated-against-in-voting-matters-n3788693

The unasked question remains. Why does the US spend an annual fortune defending against Russia, China, and Iran, but refuses one cent to be spent to halt the 3.6 million (official figure) immigrant-invaders who enter the US annually? America, indeed the entire Western world, is being transformed far more by immigrant-invaders than the West would be by Russian invasion.

Why does the West spend huge amounts of money in defense of Ukraine’s border but refuses to defend its own borders?

Western insanity goes even further. It has been documented that the US government spends white taxpayers’ money to recruit immigrant-invaders from 160 countries, and works with NGOs to provide, lodging, food, health care, and maps to help the immigrant-invaders make the trip with the least discomfort. It is OK with the California government for immigrant-invaders to be police officers with the ability to arrest US citizens and it is OK with the New York city council for immigrant-invaders to vote in city elections. Some members of Congress are proposing that immigrant-invaders be recruited for the US military.

While immigrant-invaders are being conflated with US citizens, where are conservatives and Republicans? They are focused on saving Ukraine and Israel.

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