Excess Deaths Explode Following Covid Vaccination

Excess Deaths Explode Following Covid Vaccination

Paul Craig Roberts

Do you remember the endless assurances we were given that the Covid vax was “safe and effective”? The assurances were lies. The reports can no longer be suppressed that excess deaths in all highly Covid-19 vaccinated countries are skyrocketing.

Scientists are beginning to gingerly call governments’ attention to the extraordinary rise in the death rate. They say the vaccine “might” be part of the reason. But there is nothing else to blame, and if there is the scientists don’t say what. They ask the governments to investigate the underlying causes of the “unprecedented” number of excess deaths, including “possible vaccine harm.”

In other words, the scientists understand that too forceful a statement can cut off their research money and terminate their careers. But they cannot avoid acknowledging the unprecedented jump in excess deaths following the mass vaccination.

Calls for investigation never produce results. Scientists called for investigating 9/11. They were ignored. When they undertook the investigation themselves, the results were ignored.

There were endless calls for investigating the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. A decade or more later Congress did investigate and concluded that a conspiracy was involved including others in addition to Oswald. But the investigation made no effort to identify the others.

The freedom of scientific investigation and expression has been hemmed in by money. Careers come from money, and money comes from Big Pharma and the federal government, the two parties least interested in the vaccine facts. So the ball is in the hands of retired scientists and scientists nearing retirement to get the story out. And they cannot expect any help from the compromised media.

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