Naomi Wolf Describes the Self-Destruction of a Small Very Blue Town in Oregon.

Naomi Wolf Describes the Self-Destruction of a Small Very Blue Town in Oregon.

Paul Craig Roberts

Naomi describes the citizens’ loss of their park to growing ranks of homeless persons attracted to the idyllic town by its provisions for and welcome to homeless, the supply of which overwhelmed the stupid town.

“Now, we had gently let go of the park. I did not feel safe at dusk now walking the pathway of roses that now included walking a gauntlet of intoxicated or addicted homeless people. It felt weird to be in the park now, even in daytime, as one felt as if one was in the backyard, uninvited, of whoever was living inside that massive, territorial tent. I saw that students and moms with babies had abandoned the half of the park where the homeless people and the huge tent was, and were avoiding the area where the free clothing giveaway was located, as that too had people drinking and harassing passers-by for money all day; so the citizens of the town were now exercising and playing volleyball crowded together into one far corner of the park.”

Being the epitome of a liberal, Naomi blames it on “the China/Globalist entities interested in dividing our country.” But of course it is not “China/Globalist entities.” It is dumbshit Democrats. Knowing that Naomi is intelligent, I am having a bit of trouble with this. Perhaps she is making fun of Americans who blame foreigners for all of their problems. Or perhaps she is spreading the blame around in hopes of surviving her exercise of free speech.

I doubt that Naomi really believes that the Chinese, not the blue Democrats, are responsible for a Unitarian ministry called “Parents as Sexuality Educators.” The church curriculum involves parents teaching “Ethical Non-Monogamy.”

“This session introduces relationships that are ethically non-monogamous or polyamorous. These terms refer to having consensual romantic relationships with more than one person at the same time. Participants will develop knowledge about polyamory and gain skills to discuss ethical non-monogamous relationships—their children’s or their own—from a perspective grounded in Unitarian Universalist faith. Parents and caregivers who are, themselves, ethically non-monogamous may gain new ways to support their children.”

In brief, teenagers are being trained to have multiple romantic and sexual partners. So, what happens to marriage?

It was decades ago that I wrote that left-wing male university students complained to me that “girls were ruining themselves.” Several students told me that among the marriage aged women, there were none that his friends did not have carnal knowledge of and that they would be uncomfortable that everyone at the marriage ceremony had had sex with his bride.

Those responsible for the destruction of the chastity of Western women are those responsible for the destruction of Western Civilization and its replacement with Sodom and Gomorrah. There is no denying that that is what is upon us.

Naomi, even when she is confused, is worth reading. She usually ends up at the right place.

Here she is. Listen to her:

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