The West Has Placed the Survival of the World in the Hands of Three Artificial States

The West Has Placed the Survival of the World in the Hands of Three Artificial States

Paul Craig Roberts

All of the trouble in the world revolves around three artificial states: Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel.

Ukraine was part of Russia for longer than the United States has existed. It was first created as an independent country in the early 1990s by Washington following the Soviet government’s collapse and replacement of the Communist Party rule’s with Yeltsin’s, a puppet of Washington. Ukraine is thus an artificial country merely 30 years old, having never previously existed as an independent country.

Taiwan is a small island off the China coast, a part of China inhabited by Chinese people. Washington tried to pretend that a small island was China and had Taiwan setting on the UN Security Council. But President Nixon knew better. He supported the removal of Taiwan and its replacement with the Chinese mainland. Nixon originated the one-China policy that was US policy until the Biden Regime.

Israel was a creation of the stupid and corrupt British government, or perhaps more correctly of the fanatic Zionists who drove countless undefended Palestinians from their towns and villages. Generations of Palestinians have been born in refuge camps located in Jordan and Lebanon.

The genocide of Palestine as a people and a country has been ongoing since 1947, and nothing has been done about it. Israel has gotten away with it by using the Holocaust card to gain sympathy for its victim status and by paying Western politicians with campaign contributions to support its agenda.

Now consider the fact that these three totally artificial countries totally lacking in any reality are each capable of unleashing nuclear Armageddon. Ukraine can do it by continuing to use Western-supplied long range missiles to attack Russia’s early warning system.

Taiwan can do it by accepting occupation by US soldiers and more shipments of US missiles.

Israel can do it by getting the bought-and-paid-for-Biden regime to OK Israel’s attack on Iran.

The question I now propose to you is: If in fact the US is a superpower, and if the West as a whole constitutes a mega-super power, how it is possible for three artificial states to have control of the West’s future?

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