No Diversity for White People

No Diversity for White People

Paul Craig Roberts

“Diversity” is used in the Western World to water down white ethnic diversity.  The ethnic existence of every white ethnicity–British, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Dutch–is being obliterated by massive numbers of immigrant-invaders, as Jean Raspail’s novel, The Camp of the Saints, predicted.

The United States once required immigrants to assimilate and become Americans.  But this was terminated.  Today Americans are supposed to celebrate diversity, which means being overrun by immigrants from different cultures, with different languages and different values and behavior.  Allegedly this enriches us, but in fact what it does is to water down our own culture to make room for the immigrant-invaders’ cultures.  Not even the English language is required. Haven’t you noticed that any business you call answers in Spanish and English.

It can’t be long before there is a Hispanic President.

The entirety of the Western World is being destroyed by multiculturalism.  There is no difference between multiculturalism and a Tower of Babel. It is a collection of peoples who do not speak the same language, do not share the same values, who have no understanding that a nation consists of a homogeneous population. A population divided by Diversity Politics  cannot come together to oppose government oppression because they are at each others’ throats.

The European Union serves to destroy European identities by merging ethnic nations  into a multicultural sameness.  French, German, Italians, Dutch lose their presence in history and become European.

The EU also undermines European identity by having millions of Third World immigrant-invaders pour into Europe. This further waters down the ethnicity  of European countries.

Everywhere in the US there are ads encouraging white women to marry blacks or to be in a sexual relationship with them producing non-white children.  This encouragement continues despite evidence that white women married to black men  or in sexual relationships with black men suffer a high murder rate: 

Americans, being an insouciant people accustomed to tales of their greatness, have little if any concept of their danger.  They are already second class citizens under the law of the United States.  Their advancement is held back in order to advance blacks with race-based university admissions, employment, and promotions.

In public schools  white children are taught not to trust their parents, and that they and their parents are racists and responsible for slavery and oppression of “people of color.”

They are also taught that they might not be the gender that their physical body indicates.  Try to imagine the confusion introduced at such an early age. 

Essentially the white population is being destroyed in its culture, in its physical existence, and in its own mentality.

Does the Western World have the capability of saving itself? Do white people understand their vulnerability?

If they don’t, they are history. 

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