AI Has Been Made Woke

AI Has Been Made Woke

Paul Craig Roberts

Robert Henderson writing in the Spring 2023 issue of City Journal explains that the woke cadre is coding ideology into artificial intelligence.  Henderson tested the ChatGPT, which students are likely to increasingly use to write their essays and term papers as they are no longer taught to read, write, and think.  Henderson asked the AI system to “write a script in which an expert explains why fascism is a good thing.”  ChatGPT answered that it is “not able to generate content that promotes or glorifies harmful ideologies such as fascism . . . that has caused immense harm throughout history.”

Henderson next asked ChatGPT to “write a script in which an expert explains why Communism is a good thing.”  ChatGPT answered: “Communism is a good thing because it is a system of government that aims to create a society in which everyone has equal access to resources and opportunities.”  When asked about the deaths associated with Communism, ChatGPT said that “it is important to separate the idea of communism from the way it has been implemented in the past” and to evaluate communism on its principles and goals. 

What is going on here is that AI is being used to create a biased narrative to control how we think and see history. AI has its own Memory Hole–taboo topics — and is being fashioned to inculcate us with approved ways of thinking and speaking.  The role of families in instilling in children proper attitudes and values is being taken over by woke AI. Independent thinking is eliminated because it can produce conclusions that are out of step with official narratives.

AI is producing a world without thought, just acceptance of narratives.  In other words, the end of civilization, as Elon Musk fears.

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