Americans Can Kiss Free Elections Good-Bye

Americans Can Kiss Free Elections Good-Bye

Paul Craig Roberts

In recent days I have written several articles explaining that the upcoming November congressional election is likely to be either stolen like the 2020 presidential election or federalized so that the outcome is in Democrat hands.  I have pointed to the Democrat Party, FBI, and whore media’s positioning of Trump as a national security threat who stole national security documents and left them scattered around on tables in his Mar-a-Lago home so Russian spies posing as domestic help could copy them. This narrative supports Biden’s recent speech in which he declared half of the US electorate to be threats to the United States.

Newsweek, in the distant past a news magazine but today a weapon against Trump, reports that a FBI official says Russian agents may have been on the scene to get the information.

Guess who the FBI official is.  Peter Strzok, the disgraced FBI official who was fired for his participation in the FBI’s Russiagate plot against a sitting president of the United States. Emails between Strzok and his FBI lover underline their efforts to prevent Trump’s election and to unseat President Trump if he is elected president.

So why did Newsweek’s presstitute rely on an obvious enemy of Trump to reinforce the Democrat narrative that Trump kept the documents in order to sell out the United States?

You know the answer.  It is a warning to all future presidents not to interfere with the deep states’ governing of America. In America elected representatives of the people are front men and women who are tolerated as long as they don’t interfere.

Zuckerberg, who heads up the Facebook operation that censors truth, revealed for unknown reasons in his interview with Joe Rogen that the FBI warned Facebook to deep-six the Hunter Biden laptop story, which the FBI lied  about and said was Russian disinformation.  In other words, the laptop was a Russian creation according to the FBI.  Biden’s laptop information is far more explosive than any document behavior attributed to Trump, but it is Trump, not Biden, who the FBI investigates. That should tell you something.

The unasked and unanswered question is why would a federal investigatory agency block an investigation and media inquiry with a lie unless the FBI is an operating arm of the Democrat Party?

Mike Lindell, a.k.a. “the pillow man,” CEO of MyPillow, is a Trump supporter.  Recently the FBI surrounded him at a fast food restaurant and seized his cell phone. Lindell, like Mesa County, Colorado election clerk Tina Peters and a number of others who witnessed the theft of the 2020 presidential election and, relying on American Democracy, tried to do something about it, is facing charges for identity theft and damage to a “protected computer.” 

The falsely alleged “identity theft” and “damage to a protected computer” are because efforts were made to preserve access logs and other vital records needed in order to conduct a valid election audit. In the corrupt FBI’s mind preserving election records is “damage to a protected computer.” What the FBI means is: “you are damaging our cover story for a stolen election.”  Where identity theft comes in is hard to imagine.

In other words, Lindell, Tina Peters, and other honest Americans face federal charges by a totally corrupt government for trying to ensure the integrity of American elections

This is the point to which the Democrats and the whore media have brought a once proud democratic and free country.  

The Democrats and FBI would not be doing this unless they expected to succeed. The initial response of insouciant Americans is to believe the government. Then years later when they discover they were deceived, it is too late to do anything about it, and they fall for the next deception.  Freedom is lost because of the stupidity and gullibility of the people.

The Democrat Party, FBI, and US Department of Justice (sic) have committed so many felonies that a Republican election victory, despite RINO Republicans such as the useless Minority Leader in the Senate, would result in a demand for investigations and accountability.  The Democrats, their whore media, the FBI, and the Department of Justice (sic) are not going to allow a free election.

Don’t expect one. You are not going to get one.

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