The French Vote NO to France

The French Vote NO to France

Paul Craig Roberts

For the third French presidential election in a row, Marine Le Pen lost to a candidate of Jewish banking interests, with the electorate choosing globalism and multiculturalism over French identity.  For father and daughter the Le Pens have lost 8 French presidential elections. It seems conclusive that a French patriot who stands for France and represents French ethnic nationalism cannot be elected in France.  

Throughout Europe a politician who believes in the ethnic nation is considered “far-right.”  The term has been overlaid with Nazi implications. Although the German National Socialists were socialists, not far-right, their ethnic nationalism has been used to discredit the idea of a nation, which is based on a common language, common culture, and common ethnicity.  Nationalism is no longer an effective political force in Europe. Even the concept of a nation state is dead.  It is being replaced by the European Union.

The European Union is a tower of babel like the United States.  There is no homogeneity.  Without commonality, there is no basis to govern such a hodge-podge except coercion.  Thus in the EU power resides in unelected commissioners, not in a representative parliament.  In other words, by seeking to evade what Europeans have been indoctrinated to believe is the fascism of the ethnic state, Europeans are on the road to the fascism of government from above.  The age of democracy and representative government is drawing to a close.

In the United States the melting pot, when it still functioned, managed to produce a commonality and retain a single language out of diverse European ethnicities.  But the melting pot is a thing of the past, and the immigrants since 1965 have not been Europeans but third world people of color among whom there is no common heritage. What was once a common belief system has been damaged, perhaps fatally, by critical race theory, identity politics, and wokeism.  Institutions that give a society strength, such as marriage, family, and religion, have weakened dramatically during the past six decades.

It was 60 years ago that college kids were chanting “Western Civ Has To Go.”  For 60 years US history has been taught in universities as a long series of crimes.  Monuments are being taken down, items removed from museums, and names of schools and streets changed in order to cancel the now exposed heroes of the past. All white Americans are alleged to be guilty. Today whatever pride Americans have centers for some on the success of the football team of their university, the size of their home and car, and their kids being admitted to Ivy League universities, and for others on their tolerance of the forces and interests that are bringing about the dissolution of their country.    

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