Vaccination Does Not Protect Against Delta Variant

Vaccination Does Not Protect Against Delta Variant

Israeli Officials Announce that Half of Those Newly Affected with Covid Were Fully Vaccinated 

The Open Question is whether the Delta Variant is caused by the vaccine.

Governments are trying to create a new scare with the Delta Variant, but Boston University infectious disease specialist Davidson Hamer reports: “We are learning that many of the breakthrough infections are asymptomatic or they are very mild and brief in duration.”

Don’t count on the facts prevailing. A return to lockdowns, masks, isolation, and booster shots of a dangerous “vaccine” is a  likely agenda. 

100 “scientists” signed a letter claiming the coronavirus was transmitted from bats.  Clearly, this is an attempted coverup of the documented fact in NIH records that NIH financed the development of the virus both at University of North Carolina and then in the Wuhan lab.  With Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and other establishment figures predicting the arrival of a worst virus, we can only wonder what else the establishment has in store for us.

William Engdahl reports on the large numbers of people cut down not by Covid but by the “vaccine” 

Biden Wants to Send Federal Police to Your Home to  Vaccinate You with a Dangerous Experimental Technology 

Dr. Stephen Frost bemoans the death of medical ethics: 

Trial attorney Reiner Fuellmich leads a team of 1,000 lawyers and 10,000 medical and scientific experts in legal proceedings against the Big Pharma-controlled CDC  for Covid crimes against humanity. Those responsible for the Corona Scandal “must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil damages.” 

As you can see from these few examples, there is enormous professional discontent with the “Covid pandemic.”  Ask yourself why you hear nothing about it from the presstitutes and public health bureaucrats.  Why are the politicians silent?  Where is the public debate?  We only hear what shills for Big Pharma are paid to say.  What is really going on?

In case you missed it: 


It is for certain, Covid is going to be a money-making, control panacea for ever: 

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