Paul Craig Roberts

The brainwashed and insouciant French electorate has voted to abolish the French nation. In five years France will exist only as a geographical location, a province in “Europe,” itself a province in global capitalism.

The French had a last chance to save their nation, but they could not do it because the French have been convinced that to be French is to be fascist and racist. Therefore, the French electorate defeated Marine Le Pen, the leader of the only political party that stands for France.

After five years under Macron, nothing will be left of France. Macron, the choice of Washington and the international bankers, represents, in the words of Diana Johnstone, “the trans-Atlantic elite totally committed to ‘globalization,’ using whatever is left of the power of national governments to weaken them still further, turning over decision-making to ‘the markets’—that is, to international capital managed by the major banks and financial institutions, notably those located in the United States, such as Goldman-Sachs.” Read Johnstone’s assessment here:

Macron defines himself as a “diversityite,” declaring that “there is no such thing as French culture.” Macron’s Minister of Armies and Defense declares that she “does not feel French.”
Macron follows the Russophobic line of the American neoconservatives, and rode to his inauguration in a military vehicle.

It is unclear why Putin went to France to meet today with Macron, who is totally in Washington’s pocket. Perhaps the Russian government believes that the terror attacks in France are real and hopes to finally convince one Western government to join Russia in “the war against terrorists.” Or perhaps Putin wanted to see if Macron has any awareness of the conflict with Russia toward which Washington is pushing Europe.

Perhaps Macron’s invitation to Putin was Washington’s suggestion, the purpose of which is to keep Putin ever hopeful of Western cooperation while Washington finalizes its attack plan.

Only two countries stand in the way of Washington’s world hegemony: Russia and China. Of the two obstacles, Russia is perceived as the largest constraint on US unilateralism. Europe is dependent on Russian energy, and Russia’s nuclear weapons systems are highly advanced.

The fact that Russia’s national sovereignty depends so much on Putin’s leadership makes Russia the most vulnerable to Washington’s intrigue. Putin can be removed by assassination. But China’s leadership cannot, because it is collective. There is democracy within the ruling Chinese political party. Washington’s focus on China is to discredit the ruling party by using US financed organizations within China for this purpose.

Washington is driving the world into a major conflict. The Russian and Chinese governments must know by now that they are targeted. As their hopes for diplomacy continue to be rebuffed by Washington and Europe, they will reach the conclusion that their only choice is surrender or war.

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