The Covid Pandemic: A Case Study of Money Trumping Integrity

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The Covid Pandemic: A Case Study of Money Trumping Integrity

Paul Craig Roberts

During the so-called “Covid Pandemic,” which today looks to have been an orchestration to serve profit and other agendas, medical doctors were prohibited from prescribing Ivermectin, a drug approved for human use in 1966 by the FDA. Tony Fauci at NIH, the CDC, the FDA, and the presstitutes all came out against Ivermectin. Big Pharma’s “health officials” and ignorant presstitutes made jokes about Ivermectin, which has been used safely all over the world for more than a half century, calling it “horse medicine” unsafe and potentially deadly for human consumption. Here is an example of what the Big Pharma owned FDA said: “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.”

Doctors in corporate employment who prescribed Ivermectin were warned by their employers, and if they persisted in saving patients instead of Big Pharma’s profits they were fired. Doctors in private practice were set upon by medical boards and had their medical licenses suspended or taken away. Some of the most famous and distinguished medical practitioners and researchers in the world were persecuted and lost their positions. Pharmacies refused to honor doctor’s prescriptions for Ivermectin. A strong media campaign was launched against everyone who recommended or prescribed Ivermectin.

There was never any scientific or medical reason for the campaign against Ivermectin. Why the campaign against it?

The answer is that Big Pharma had a “vaccine” ready (which is more evidence that the “pandemic” was orchestrated). But the “vaccine” had not been tested and approved. The “vaccine” could only be used under an “emergency use authorization,” and an emergency use authorization could be given only if there were no cures. Therefore, the fact that there were cures had to be suppressed. If Ivermectin was used, and people were cured, Big Pharma’s profit hopes based on the mRNA “vaccine” would be dashed.

Big Pharma is the source of much money in the medical world–research grants for medical researchers, grants to medical schools, campaign contributions to House and Senate members of health committees, advertising placed in media, patent sharing with Fauci at NIH, and revolving door relationships with regulatory agencies such as FDA, and these money hungry interests line up with Big Pharma’s money.

Financial incentives were structured for hospitals to classify all deaths from all causes as “Covid deaths” in order to produce an artificially high death rate that would drive people to demand the “vaccine.” The PCR test was used to diagnose Covid because it had such a high rate of false positives. The use of the inappropriate PCR test was fundamental to the creation of the “pandemic.”

All was in place for the massive profits from the “vaccination” of the entire world. And here was an inexpensive cure and preventative, standing in the way of massive profits and a great expansion in government power over people that rode roughshod over civil liberty. Many believe other agendas, such as population reduction, are being served by the deaths and infertility caused by the mRNA “vaccines.”

Ivermectin had to be discredited, and lies were used to discredit the cure.

A corrupt US government and corrupt Big Pharma, media, and medical establishment did all in their power to intimidate whistleblowers and to prevent the public from learning that there was a cure that made the risk of an untested injection ridiculous to take.

Big Pharma and Tony Fauci could rely on large numbers of medical school professors living on research grants from Big Pharma and NIH, on House and Senate members elected with Big Pharma campaign contributions, on media supported by Big Pharma advertising revenues, on FDA officials on a revolving door with Big Pharma to establish and control the official Covid narrative. The honest incorruptible experts and alternative media who reported truthfully were persecuted.

Think about what it means to live in a country where money trumps integrity. Without integrity there can be no trust. Will the people whose health or that of relatives and friends were injured by the Covid vax or the lockdowns and those whose family members died as a result of the untested vax ever again trust a doctor, a hospital, the media, politicians? Who will ever again trust a pharmacist who refused the prescription that would have saved the life of a spouse or child? Who will ever again respect a medical board that stole the license of a doctor who saved patient’s lives with Ivermectin?

Why was the Covid pandemic orchestrated? Was it only for money? Was it to test the public’s commitment to civil liberty? Was it a test run for a real and deadly pandemic to reduce population? Why else do people like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab talk so much about reducing population unless they intend it?

Evil has always been the greatest enemy of humanity. But Western liberals have spent a century belittling evil as a superstition, something that can be corrected with education and behavior modification. Consequently, the Western liberals unleashed Evil. Religion is no longer about saving your soul. It is about reforming society. Is it even possible for the public to comprehend the evil amongst which we live?

Possibly. The truth does sometime come out. Faced with a law suit from three persecuted doctors who saved lives with Ivermectin, the corrupt FDA, a “regulatory” agency run out of Big Pharma’s pocket, has completely changed its tune.

Of course, says the FDA lawyers, doctors have the right to prescribe any and all FDA approved medicines, including Ivermectin. The FDA never prevented doctors from prescribing. It was legal for them to do.

So why did doctors lose their licenses? Why did pharmacists refuse to fill the prescriptions? The FDA lies that it only made a recommendation not to use Ivermectin. On what basis was the FDA recommendation made? Clearly it was not based on medical knowledge.

The attempt to discredit Ivermectin and the doctors who prescribed it was done in order to hide the fact that there was a cure that would block the “emergency use authorization” of the deadly untested “vaccine.” The entire medical establishment cooperated in mass injury and murder for the sake of Big Pharma’s profits and whatever other agendas that were operating.

In a 10 minute report on Epoch TV Roman Balmakov reports the case brought by three persecuted doctors against the corrupt FDA. It is a 10 minutes well spent:


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