The Ever Widening War

The Ever Widening War

Gilbert Doctorow:

“In a six minute interview this morning on India’s premier English-language global broadcaster, I was given the opportunity to talk about video coverage of ongoing Russian military exercises using nuclear capable missiles at the Ukrainian border.  In particular, Russian state television yesterday drew attention to their MIG31s carrying nuclear armed hypersonic Kinzhal missiles.  The Kinzhals have a 500 km range, carry a 5 kiloton punch and are virtually unstoppable, as their use in the destruction of American Patriot air defense installations near Kiev demonstrated some months ago when only conventionally armed.

“Let us have no illusions.  This end game phase of the Russian-Ukraine war, when the Ukrainian forces are being battered on the ground and forced to retreat with heavy losses, is fraught with dangers of escalation to hot war between NATO and Russia. The United States, Britain and France have been throwing caution to the wind and are escalating madly to prevent disaster on the field of battle and Ukrainian capitulation. Moscow’s tactical nuclear weapons exercises represent an attempt to bring the West to its senses. Whether they will succeed in doing so is an open question.”

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