My prediction that Putin’s refusal to use sufficient force to quickly terminate the Ukraine conflict would lead to increasingly reckless US provocations has proven to be totally correct.

Washington Attacks Key Element of Russia’s Nuclear Umbrella Threatening Entire Global Nuclear Security Architecture

“The train has already left the station. The decision to provoke a war with Russia has already been made, and that policy is being implemented as we speak.”

“The Biden administration, using its proxy forces in Ukraine, launched an unprecedented attack on “a key element of Russia’s nuclear umbrella” on Thursday effectively blinding the Russian military from detecting incoming nuclear-armed ballistic missiles. “Satellite imagery confirms” that multiple drones severely damaged “a Russian strategic early warning radar site in the southwestern end of the country” leaving Moscow more vulnerable to enemy attack. The western media has largely blacked-out any coverage of the incident which should have been presented in headlines across the country. According to Russian nuclear doctrine, any attack on Russia’s essential nuclear first-alert system provides a justification for nuclear retaliation. Given the gravity of the situation we must assume that Washington’s frustration with Ukraine’s performance on the battlefield has precipitated a dramatic change in policy that includes high-risk provocations aimed at triggering an overreaction that leads to direct NATO intervention. Clearly, the Biden administration has decided that it cannot prevail in Ukraine absent NATO involvement. To that end, the US—via its proxies in Ukraine—will continue to launch increasingly lethal attacks on Russian territory forcing Moscow to respond in kind. ”

Memorial Day is the day when we are supposed to remember those who died in the wars we concocted. Today might be our last Memorial Day.

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