“Europe Has Lost Its Soul, Freedom of Speech Has Disappeared in Europe”

“Europe Has Lost Its Soul, Freedom of Speech Has Disappeared in Europe”

These are the words of the former foreign minister of Austria at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. https://www.rt.com/news/598925-kneissl-europe-freedom-spief/

The statements are true, but, having been said in Russia, they will be dismissed as propaganda from a “Russian stooge.”.

As I see it the situation is worse than described. The European ethnicities and their cultures are essentially prisoners of the immigrant-invaders who have been permitted, indeed encouraged, to overrun the European countries, all of which are on the path to disappearance of their ethnic basis.

Why is it that European political leaders are so determined to make ethnic French a minority in France, ethnic Germans a minority in Germany, ethnic British a minority in Britain, ethnic Scandinavians a minority in Scandinavia, and the same in Holland, Belgium, Italy, Ireland? This is not “diversity.” This is the elimination of diversity and its replacement with a Tower of Babel.

Why are the ethnic populations of Europe powerless to stop this?

The same is happening in the United States, where the people are just as powerless. A civilization is being exterminated by its own political and intellectual leaders.

Jim Quinn believes Josey Wales has the answer: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2024/06/jim-quinn/what-would-josey-wales-do/

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