Mass Shooting at Concert Venue Near Moscow

Mass Shooting at Concert Venue Near Moscow

ISIS claims credit. Why not? It is free publicity. But remember, ISIS is a CIA creation.

Could this be a plot by the CIA and Ukrainian nazi thugs to bring the war to Moscow and start a blame game to dissolve Russian unity? Another consequence of Putin’s never-ending war?

It is obvious that the “limited operation” has vastly expanded exactly as I predicted. Putin himself acknowledges the fact when he warns that NATO troops in Ukraine probably would result in Russian nuclear attack on Europe. There would be no prospect of NATO soldiers in Ukraine if Putin had fought the war correctly.

It would have been infinitely better to have knocked out Ukraine in one blow and ended the conflict before the West could react.

During the Soviet era I don’t recall any mass shootings on Russian territory other than those carried out by the state itself. It seems Putin requires a more efficient secret police before he can be anointed with the title of dictator.

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