The Biden Regime Is Committed to Replacing Americans and Is Using Our Money to Replace Us

The Biden Regime Is Committed to Replacing Americans and Is Using Our Money to Replace Us
Destinations Identified for Illegal Alien Flights

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data analyzed by the Center for Immigration Studies, Florida has been reported as the top landing zone for illegal aliens flown secretly into the country as part of a Biden administration program. Amelia McKenzie reports that as of February, 326,000 of these individuals were flown to Miami.
The Department of Homeland Security has refused to acknowledge these flights, but Members of Congress have spoken out against it.
This secretive program was designed by the Biden administration in an effort to reduce the southern border crossing numbers by flying illegal aliens into the U.S. Once they arrive, the aliens are released on “parole” and can receive two-year renewable work authorizations.
Houston is the second-highest destination for these flights (21,964 individuals), followed by Los Angeles (8,382). The aliens are coming from Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, Colombia,
Guatyemale, El Salvador, Honduras, and Ecuador.

Texas Wants Courts to Stop Biden Administration Program for Illegal Aliens
Attorney General Ken Paxton, America First Legal, and a coalition of attorney generals from other states are asking federal courts to reconsider Texas’ lawsuit against the Biden administration regarding the transportation of illegal aliens via air travel into U.S. cities. Will Biagini has the story.
In February, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas initially dismissed the lawsuit because it believed the program did not sufficiently harm the states.
With new evidence about the size of the program (see article above), the plaintiffs hope the court will reconsider its position.
The states are pointing to the massive number of illegal aliens given parole by the Biden administration and the resulting “significant financial costs” they represent.”


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