Maybe the Worm is Turning

Maybe the Worm is Turning

6 April 2024

Shocking moment Hillary Clinton is branded a ‘super predator’ while husband Bill is told he’s a ‘piece of s**t’ to his face by anti-Israel protesters in NYC.

Hillary Clinton was branded a ‘super predator’ while husband Bill was called a ‘piece of s**t’ during an ambush by pro-Palestine protesters in New York City.

The Clintons were accused of ‘facilitating genocide’ by the demonstrators who hurled abuse at the couple as they exited a Biden fundraiser on Wednesday.

Hillary was leaving the Music Box Theater where she and her husband were watching a preview of the show ‘Suffs’ for which she is a producer.

She and fellow host Hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Miranda used the occasion to stump for Biden.
But the Clintons were met by a hostile crowd blaming Hillary in particular for ‘the deaths of millions’.

“You call yourself a feminist? Women are dying in Gaza, you fucking coward!”

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confronted by anti-genocide protestors Wednesday night after hosting yet another fundraiser for Biden in NYC.

“Has anyone told you you ARE the superpredator?”— Talia Jane’Hillary, has anyone ever told you that you are the super predator?’ One protester screamed as the former secretary of state approached her car.

‘Bill Clinton, you’re a genocide supporter. F*** you, you piece of s**t,’ the demonstrator added as the ex-president followed her out.

But Hillary appeared unfazed raising a hand to wave and flashing a smile at the others who had gathered to see her even as the critique kept coming.

‘You are responsible for genocides, you are responsible for atrocities. You’re literally helping facilitate the genocide of Palestinian people,’ the protester continued.

She continued bellowing even as Hillary got into the vehicle and shut the door.
‘F***ing piece of s**t Hillary! Over 34,000 people are dead Hillary. Call yourself a feminist? Women are dying in Gaza.’

As the car pulled away, the protester was seen giving the finger before chasing the vehicle down the road to continue shouting.

‘Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, we can see you hiding in the back of your car,’ the demonstrator yelled. ‘Stop holding fundraisers for genocide you f***ing coward. How many people have died at your hands?’

‘I hope their screams haunt you every night,’ another person added.

The couple were targeted due to their ties to Biden, whose support for Israel as it conducts a devastating bombardment of Gaza has been widely criticized amid the rising death toll.

Among the recent victims were seven aid workers including a US-Canadian citizen who were blasted with missiles by the IDF as they attempted to deliver food.

Initially, Hillary Clinton said those calling for a ceasefire, ‘did not understand Hamas’ as she insisted on Israel’s right to defend itself.

But she has since watered down her comments and criticized Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for allowing the atrocity to happen.

Support for Israel’s military action in Gaza has dropped dramatically since November with the majority of Americans now opposing, according to the latest Gallup survey data.
The study found that 55 percent disapprove of Israel’s actions while only 36 approve.

Note: it should scare Americans to death that 36% of their fellow Americans believe in genocide and Israel’s right to commit the genocide of the Palestinian people. How far the US has declined with more than one-third of the population supporting genocide. Hopefully, it will happen to them.

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