The New Rich–Texas School Superintendents

Texas Taxpayers Fund Sky-high Superintendent Salaries

Texas school superintendents paid massive salaries to bring transgenderism and critical race theory to Texas school kids.

Newly released Texas Education Agency data for the 2023-24 school year shows eight superintendents with salaries above $400,000 and another 81 receiving $300,000 or more. Erin Anderson breaks down the data.

The lucrative salaries are supplemented by benefits such as allowances for cars, phones, and housing, along with large pension contributions. They often include hefty bonuses as well. All are provided at taxpayers’ expense. Superintendent salaries are set by elected school board trustees. The top administrators’ salaries show no correlation to the number of students enrolled in a district or students’ academic performance.

“Superintendents are getting rich from their public service. Such self-centeredness is violative of taxpayers and the public trust. Worse, it deprives classrooms of resources needed to teach kids to read, write, and do math.” – James Quintero, Texas Public Policy Foundation

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