The Brainwashing of Germany in Preparation for War

The Brainwashing of Germany in Preparation for War

A source in Europe sent to me this translation of Wolfgang Bittner’s article, “Germany before the impending war–a tragedy.”

The same indoctrination of people is underway in the US, UK, and I expect all of Europe.  Everywhere the indoctrination is the same, which suggests that it has a  common source.  Remembering Udo Ulfkotte’s book, Bought Journalism, the CIA is the likely source of the anti-Russian propaganda campaign.

The campaign has succeeded in Germany as Bittner reports, and certainly among the British and American presstitutes, politicians and foreign policy establishments.  In the age of nuclear weapons, the mindlessness that has been created in the West spells doom for mankind. 

Germany before the impending war – a tragedy

March 1, 2024

By Wolfgang Bittner

For several months I have had to be careful not to become depressed. When I look at the newspapers, listen to the radio or turn on the television, I am overcome by a feeling of being at the mercy of dark forces that I can now name. But I can only talk about this with a few people around me; some avoid me and probably think I’m a lateral thinker or conspiracy theorist.

Recently my friend G., with whom I still correspond occasionally, wrote to me saying that he had read my book “State of Emergency” and got the impression that I had fallen into a “filter bubble”. He comes from a wealthy family, his father was a senior teacher, his mother a doctor, and at a young age he was a professor of mathematics at a southern German university and also a guest lecturer in Japan, South Korea and the USA. He cannot understand the fact that I am of the opinion that it is not Russia but the USA and its allies that are to blame for most of the conflicts in the world, especially the war in Ukraine and the economic decline in Germany and Western Europe.

G. would like to give me friendly advice to reconsider my political views and to please obtain information from the public media and “reputable” newspapers such as Frankfurter Allgemeine, Welt or Süddeutsche and not from so-called alternative media. If I see “evil” in the USA rather than in Putin, all he can say about himself is that he would rather live “under the evil of the Americans” than that of the Russians. And if the NATO protective umbrella, under which the Europeans have set themselves up so well, were to become leaky, things would not look rosy for Western Europe compared to a country like Russia full of nuclear weapons. It is sad that so much money has to be spent on “defensive armament”, but it is good that Putin is getting older and older and that the end of his tyranny is imminent at some point in the near future for the good of humanity.

Like other acquaintances and friends, G. is firmly convinced that he knows everything and is right. All we agree on is that wars are terrible and must be avoided. But at this point the dissent begins again, because G. considers “humanitarian interventions”, such as those carried out by the USA again and again, to be legitimate and even necessary to defend freedom and democracy.

I can describe the views represented by G. as exemplary. German society is thoroughly rabble-roused, and it is divided between those who have retained an eye for the facts and the others, the far greater majority, who have succumbed to years of influence.

My hairdresser, with whom I discussed, is of the opinion that Germany needs the atomic bomb to protect itself from “the Russian” who will soon attack Poland and the Baltic countries. When I countered that Vladimir Putin had called for cooperation and a common economic zone from Vladivostok to Lisbon in a memorable speech to the German Bundestag in 2001, he replied: “This Putin is lying as soon as he opens his mouth.” The resulting dispute ended He asked me the completely serious question: “Why do you think you can judge the political situation better than me?” He told me that he reads the newspaper in the morning and watches the Tagesschau in the evening. He also speaks to customers every day who all have different opinions than me.

Every now and then I gave lectures and discussed things publicly. Most of the time, listeners and discussants came who shared my views or at least kept an open mind. After one such event, a middle-aged woman who identified herself as a judge said to me: “Everything you said was logical and well-documented, although from an unusual perspective, but you largely convinced me.” And then she added : “But Putin…”.

Indoctrination has not stopped at the doors of universities either. There are still some contacts with colleagues there from the time when I was a visiting professor in Poland, but they have become fragile. My friend Tomasz, who unfortunately also succumbed to US-controlled propaganda against Russia and for Ukraine, wrote to me: “I cannot understand the people who prefer to look the other way after the Russian attack on Ukraine. Stop this policy that is killing thousands of innocent people. “Putin with his megalomania has destroyed a long and stable peace in Europe.”

He really believes that and he continued: “For me, Putin resembles Hitler to a T.” It is not Ukraine, which wants to go its own sovereign way, that is to blame for the war, but Putin, for whom Ukraine is just an appetizer. He built gas pipelines behind the EU’s back and against Poland’s interests. This shows his true colors, leading and oppressing other countries like dogs on a leash.

At least I was able to have a somewhat civilized conversation with my German friend and with Tomasz, if only by holding back. The space for debate has become increasingly narrow, and the authorities are no longer relying on the previous psychological warfare. Rather, the pressure on those who think differently, their patronization and harassment, is increasing dramatically. Anyone who doesn’t step up and stand out must expect the destruction of their existence and worse.

I just read that the Interior Minister is planning a “democracy promotion law” according to which “hatred and agitation on the Internet” as well as disinformation, science denial and “delegitimization of the state” will be punished more severely than before.[1] She explained to the press: “An alert civil society is the strongest firewall against right-wing extremists… For me it is therefore still important to dismantle right-wing extremist networks, dry up their financial sources, take away their weapons and harshly prosecute agitators and violent criminals.”[ 2]

Questionable “democracy projects” such as the government-affiliated  Center Liberal Modernity Foundation [3] or the supposedly independent research center  Correctiv [4] are to be supported (and financed), while critical internet forums such as the much-frequented NachDenkSeiten, which are defamed as a “lateral thinker’s medium”. Non-profit status is withdrawn. Correctiv , which spied on a private round of discussions and got close to the infamous Wannsee Conference, managed to launch a completely escalating campaign “against the right”, which means pretty much everything that is politically unacceptable.

There are dubious projects and broadly interpretable terms with which the Interior Minister wants to promote democracy. They could enable state authorities to take even more rigorous action against political opponents in the future, for example by blocking accounts or terminating suspicious fellow citizens (as has already happened in some cases) – another milestone on the way to a fascist authoritarian state, because the vagueness of the wording alone opens the door to arbitrariness. But there is little opposition, neither from politicians nor from journalists, who appear to lack basic democratic awareness. 

Instead, the “democratic leaders” appeal to citizens to actively support democracy. Accordingly, hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets to demonstrate for democracy and against the AfD, with the benevolent support of politicians and the media. Hardly anyone notices that it is absurd and undemocratic when representatives of the people call on the people to demonstrate against an approved party and to defend a democracy that they represent. Here, apparently well-intentioned people are being abused for controlled actions. It becomes grotesque when posters read: “The whole of Berlin hates the AfD,” or “AfD voters = Nazis.”

The state should take action against hatred and agitation, but dissidents and opposition members can be described as lumpen pacifists or Putin servants with impunity and hatred against Russia can be carried out without restraint. Russian President Vladimir Putin can be insulted as a murderer, tyrant and monster (the criminal Joseph Biden can even call him a son of a bitch without being contradicted[5]).

What kind of non-democratic excesses are these, organized by a leadership that is obviously deserted by all good spirits and also preaches water and claims wine for itself? Apparently the contradictions of such a policy are not at all noticed by citizens demonstrating for democracy.

An embarrassing tragedy that the German Bundestag has allowed itself to commit is a resolution of February 20, 2024, entitled “Ten years of the Russian war against Ukraine – Resolutely defend Ukraine and Europe”.[6] It claims right at the beginning that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been waging a war against Ukraine that violates international law for ten years. It is “an attempt to destroy the European peace order, to move borders by force and to enforce violence as a principle of order.”

It continues: “In February 2014, Russian soldiers launched attacks on the Ukrainian Crimean peninsula with the aim of eventually annexing it. Two years ago, on February 24, 2022, Russian President Putin took the next, most drastic step to date in his increasingly aggressive policy against free and democratic Europe for years by attacking the entire Ukraine. Putin is waging this war to maintain his own power and his regime’s imperial great power fantasies. Russia under Putin’s rule is today the greatest threat to peace and security in Europe.”

The majority of the Bundestag is in favor of the supply of “additionally required long-range weapons systems and ammunition” for Ukraine, and it warns “clearly: Ukraine is the current target of Russian aggression – if the Russian leadership is not stopped, “It is encouraged to continue its imperial policy beyond Ukraine.” “Putin’s imperialism” has been underestimated for years, support for Ukraine is therefore “more than an act of solidarity between democracies”, it is “a necessary investment in our security and peace in Europe and Germany”.

This style continues in the pamphlet approved by 382 MPs from the SPD, FDP and Alliance90/The Greens, which, however, was rejected by 284 MPs.[7] When the majority of parliament acts so undiplomatically with claims and insinuations against Russia – an absolute strangeness in parliamentary events – there is no need to be surprised at the anti-Russian mood in the country. Evidence that these accusations are largely hypocritical and false can be found in my books.

But the media, which has no longer been independent for a long time, is joining in and is constantly spreading horror stories and fear-inducing visions of the future: acute danger of war emanating from Russia and China, nuclear threat, climate catastrophe, corona, viruses, terrorists, inflation and so on. This is how to keep a misled and latently frightened society in check. It’s no wonder when hundreds of thousands of agitated citizens take to the streets and believe they are the defenders of democracy.

We are once again living in a transitional period. This time Germany is being systematically ruined, economically, culturally, linguistically… with the help of a US-affiliated government, which the politician Sahra Wagenknecht described as the stupidest in Europe.[8] This state is getting closer and closer to us, the citizens, and it is constantly getting too close to us. And if we are unlucky, we will perish in a provoked major war with everything we have left after two world wars.

After all, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has clearly rejected French President Emmanuel Macron’s highly dangerous considerations about sending Western troops to Ukraine. It also applies to the future that “there are no ground troops, no soldiers on Ukrainian soil that are being sent there by European states or NATO states.”[9] And the otherwise less reserved Federal Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has also approved the deployment of German troops Ukraine is excluded: “Boots on the ground is not an option for the Federal Republic of Germany.”[10] A modest signal of reason at a stage in which a third world war can no longer be ruled out.

The writer and journalist Dr. jur. Wolfgang Bittner lives in Göttingen. He published “The Conquest of Europe by the USA” in 2014, “The Homeland, the War and the Golden West” and “The New West-East Conflict” in 2019 and “Germany – Betrayed and Sold” in 2021. Background and analysis”.

Editor’s note I, Christian Müller, editor in charge of, feel exactly the same as Wolfgang Bittner. Some former colleagues no longer talk to me, others think they know everything because they watch TV and read the newspaper every day. On Swiss television, for example, the responsible Russia correspondent, David Nauer – formerly from Moscow, now from Vienna – has had a strong hatred of Russians for years. He also simply panned Putin’s current speech in parliament (from minute 6). Anyone who only gets information from these programs on Swiss television SRF is de facto a sensible discussion partner on foreign policy issues. (cm)

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