Satan’s Chosen People and their Western Enablers

Satan’s Chosen People and their Western Enablers

And Russians think the West should be upset over Atrocities  Committed by Ukraine

Mike Whitney reports:  Israel Opens-Fire on Palestinians Gathered at Food Truck Killing 104 

What kind of men and women join Israeli and American militaries that focus on killing women and children?  Why are we supposed to be proud of such militaries?  

Chris Hedges asks the correct questions:

“Young men and women sign up for the military for many reasons, but starving, bombing and killing women and children is usually not amongst them. Shouldn’t, in a just world, the U.S. fleet break the Israeli blockade of Gaza to provide food, shelter and medicine? Shouldn’t U.S. warplanes impose a no fly zone over Gaza to halt the saturation bombing? Shouldn’t Israel be issued an ultimatum to withdraw its forces from Gaza? Shouldn’t the weapons shipments, billions in military aid and intelligence provided to Israel, be halted? Shouldn’t those who commit genocide, as well as those who support genocide, be held accountable?” 

The West’s enabling of the Zionists’ genocide of Palestine has destroyed forever the West’s claim to be a moral force that stands for justice, freedom, and self-determination.  Israel has the Western world so mired in Evil that the West cannot escape and is damned forever.

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