No Vaccine Is Safe

Illusions About Vaccine Safety
No Vaccine Is Safe

Dr. Suzanne Humphries

“The vaccine industry intentionally deceives us about the risks and benefits of vaccines in order to make a profit, with complete disregard for human suffering and the destruction of public health over time.

“One of the reasons the polio vaccine doesn’t work is because polio isn’t caused by an infectious virus. It’s caused by toxins. Poliovirus is a commensal virus that is completely harmless in the absence of toxic onslaught.

“The changing of definitions is part of the vaccine industry’s playbook. The definition of a “vaccine” was radically altered to allow for the use of experimental modified RNA gene therapy.

“Another part of the fraud is using another vaccine as the control in lieu of a true placebo. You simply cannot prove a vaccine is safe by comparing it to another, most likely unsafe, vaccine.

“According to Dr. Suzanne Humphries, there are no worthwhile vaccines, not even smallpox or tetanus. Tetanus can be successfully treated using high-dose intravenous vitamin C and other essential nutrients.
Vitamin C works because tetanus is a bacterial disease caused by an obligate anaerobe that cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. Other oxidative therapies that could be used if the infection is related to a wound include hydrogen peroxide and ozone therapy.”


The purpose of vaccination is Big Pharma profits.  School shootings are caused by the drugs they give kids to counter the effects of the heavy load of vaccinations they are given.  Vaccine indoctrination is part of medical school training. Those who document the adverse effects of vaccination are called “anti-vaxers.”  It is like being an “anti-semite.”  It is a technique for hushing up truth.

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