Tyranny Is Quickly Approaching

Tyranny Is Quickly Approaching

Americans face another deadly threat from “their” government in addition to US financing of the Weaponization of Bird Flu, War with Russia, China, and Iran, Overrun borders by recruited immigrant-invaders financed by Washington, criminalization of free speech and refusal to accept medical narratives intended to harm us, destruction of the family and parental control over children, legalization of sexual perversity, murders of truth-tellers such as Julian Assange.  We now face the threat of central bank digital currency which gives the government complete and total control over us and our ability to live.

All of these threats are currently unfolding before our eyes, and nothing is being done about them.  

Americans are being swept into tyranny faster than they can wake up.  They will be enslaved before they realize they should have overthrown the ruling elite.



“Freedom” in America:

If you are employed and you offend a Jew, you are fired. If you offend a black, you are fired.  If you offend a transsexual, you are fired.  If you don’t use your child’s chosen pronouns, Child Protective Services takes your kid from you.  If you challenge official narratives, you are deplatformed and become an erased person.

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