Setting the Stage for Mandatory “Vaccination” for the Next Pandemic

Setting the Stage for Mandatory “Vaccination” for the Next Pandemic

Western “democracies” no longer attend to the needs and concerns of their citizens. The British government, for example, serves Washington’s interests. The British Economy Struggles while Billions of Pounds of Military Aid Are Funneled to Ukraine

The French government protects Big Pharma from the truth:

In France criticizing the death jab and refusing to take it will send you to prison. France has now taken a person’s health decisions completely out of the person’s hands. You do as you are told or else. So in France we see what power WHO intends to assume over the world in May of this year.

After article 223-1-1 of the penal code, article 223-1-2 is inserted as follows:
“Art. 223-1-2 . – Provocation to abandon or abstain from following therapeutic or prophylactic medical treatment is punishable by one year of imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros, when this abandonment or abstention is presented as beneficial for the health of the persons targeted when it is, in the state of medical knowledge, clearly likely to result in serious consequences for their physical or psychological health, taking into account the pathology from which they suffer.
“Provocation to adopt practices presented as having a therapeutic or prophylactic purpose for the persons concerned is punishable by the same penalties when it is, in the state of medical knowledge, clear that these practices expose them to an immediate risk of death. or injuries likely to result in mutilation or permanent disability.


“When the provocation provided for in the first two paragraphs has been followed by effects, the penalties are increased to three years of imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros.

“When these offenses are committed through the written or audiovisual press, the specific provisions of the laws which govern these matters are applicable with regard to the determination of the persons responsible. ”

The “authoritarians” in the French government wanted a law where they could shut down anyone presenting any alternatives to their “state of medical knowledge”.
For example, anyone claiming that their modRNA gene therapy treatments are harmful. The punishment? Up to three years in prison.
Surely, no parliament would ever agree to this, Right?
Stupid rhetorical question since we already know they wanted to imprison people for not taking the jabs in Canada, and they did imprison people in Austria, and our “leaders” talked about critics as “taking up space” and being “dangerous extremists” – it was clear where this was heading a long time ago).
But now it is formalized in France

And will be formalized in May by WHO for all of us. They are going to murder us all, legally.

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