A  World  Without  Morality

A  World  Without  Morality

Israel and the United States have shown us what it is like to live in a world devoid of moral conscience.  Indeed, they have shown us for decades.  Soon it will be our turn.

Over a Million Palestinians Are About to be Forced Into Egypt at Gunpoint

“The expulsion of the Palestinians shows that behind the moral pontificating about human rights and ‘the rule of law’ the United States and Israel are capable of the most barbarous cruelty imaginable. It is truly shocking that the two nations can execute a filthy plan like this in broad daylight while the rest of the world sits on their hands.”


NO COUNTRY except South Africa and the Houthi area of Yemen have made any effort to stop the genocide of the Palestinian people.  The conclusion is obvious.  Satan now rules the world and Washington and Israel are his principal agents.

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