An Army of Eunuchs?

An Army of Eunuchs?

The Western Journal reports that the Transgender American Veterans Association is suing the US Department of Veteran Affairs to pay for sex-change surgeries.  Allegedly, there are 163,000 military veterans who are unsure what gender they are.

One hopes that this is a joke and fake news, but it fits the complete collapse of the belief system which is so complete that soldiers are uncomfortable about their gender.

“We are taking the first necessary steps to expand VA’s care to include gender confirmation surgery — thereby allowing transgender vets to go through the full gender confirmation process with VA at their side,” said Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs Denis McDonough. 

As John Rappoport puts it, the US military now offers free castration to any soldier who wants it.  How can people this unsure of who they are have the confidence  required to fight an enemy? 

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