US Working on Creating Fifth Column in Russia, Intel Chief Warns

US Working on Creating Fifth Column in Russia, Intel Chief Warns

The Biden State Department has plans to create a Russian opposition out of the 80,000 Russian graduates of US universities who were participants in student exchange programs.

What explains the stupidity of the Russian government–and China’s–to send students to the US to be indoctrinated against their own countries? Why do they permit US and European financed NGOs and businesses to operate in their countries as they are instruments of subversion? The Kremlin eventually got around to requiring the Western NGOs to register as foreign agents, but still permits them to carry on their activities against Russia.

Perhaps the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has had its fill of the Kremlin’s inability to face reality. The Director, Sergey Naryshkin, just revealed that US security agencies are implementing sophisticated methods of illegal interference in Russia’s elections and are recruiting Russian graduates of US universities.

It seems that even when fighting for survival, the Russian government can’t give up its American connections that place Russia in jeopardy. Little wonder that US neoconservatives regard Russia as an easy mark to be overthrown.

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