Will Biden Send Ground Troops to Yemen?

Will Biden  Send Ground Troops to Yemen?

Mike Whitney

“Why go for war, when Yemen’s request is very simple: Allow humanitarian aid flow into Gaza and a Ceasefire.”

“On Sunday, numerous articles in the western media reported that Iran had launched a drone attack on a Japanese-owned chemical tanker named the MV Chem Pluto in the Indian Ocean. Many of these articles based their reports on claims made by unidentified Pentagon sources or declassified intelligence. As of Tuesday, none of those allegations have been independently verified or proven to be true. What we know from previous experience is that elements of the national security state frequently plant fictitious stories in the media in order to garner public support for unpopular military campaigns or to demonize foreign nations for things for which they are in no way responsible. And that appears to be the case here.”

Read more:  https://www.unz.com/mwhitney/will-biden-will-be-forced-to-send-ground-troops-to-yemen/ 

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