The Republican Party Is Useless

The Republican Party Is Useless

They have done nothing to rescue Trump from political persecution.

They have done nothing to stop the massacre of Palestinians.

They are all for war.

The border remains open.

They have done nothing to hold Big Pharma NIH, CDC, FDA, Biden, media, medical associations accountable for injecting millions of Americans with a deadly “vaccine.”

The Rino Speaker of the House refuses to impeach Biden for crimes so obvious that they are known to the entire world.

The Republicans send endless “urgent” demands for money to “save our rights” but never do anything to save even one of them, such as free speech, the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

The only thing that can be said for Republicans is that as of this time, they are not anti-white intent on using the US government’s power to destroy white people. But the Republicans stand aside while rogue black prosecutors destroy white Americans.

The Republican Party is useless.  White Americans need their own political party.  

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